Maoist kills contractor, sets fire in police post at Govindpalli of Malkangiri
Monday, February 23, 2009
Maoist kills contractor, sets fire in police post at Govindpalli of Malkangiri

Report by Deba Prasad Dash; Malkangiri: In a hour-long mayhem at Govindpalli some 58 km from here,the armed cadres of CPI(Maoist) on Sunday at about 9.30 pm have killed a renowned Contractor P.K.Swain and set fire in the BSNL office,Govindpalli Police Outpost and Avantika Company vehicles there. The Maoists were also abducted two police constables before setting fire in the out post whose where about is yet to be known.

Swain as a contractor was instrumental in executing many infrastructure development works in the district. According to many eye-witnesses, about 60 armed Maoist cadres including more than 30 women cadres entered Govindpalli on Sunday at about 9.30 pm and blocked Jeypore-govindpalli-Malkangiri state highway at the entrance and exit points by feling giant trees there by .Later they reached the Govindpalli BSNL Exchange and asked the operator on duty to disconnect the link and go outside.The moment the operator left the office,the Maoists set fire in the exchange.They had also set fire in the Airtel mobile tower.Minutes after setting fire in the tower,the cadres dividing in groups attacked the Contractor P.K.Swain’s house,Police Outpost,Forest Range Office and Avantika Company office simultaneously.The armed Maoists arrived at the contractor’s house and asked him to come outside at the gun point and later killed him by stabbing with Gun bonnet  near road side just in front of his house.They had set fire in the out post and Forest Range office and damaged all the files and papers kept there.The Maoist mayhem was continuing for more than two ours and the entire Govindpalli area was under their control till they left the scene. In a number of posters left on the road side  in Govindpalli the CPI(Maoist) has warned the Naveen Pattnaik Government for setting up anti-people projects and it’s displacement policy.Mean while the locals have blamed the police for the incident.Intrestingly the out post is just 100 meter and Mathili police station is about 7 km from the Contractor Swain’s house and the incident could have been averted had the police arrived there at the right time.It is obvious in part of the locals to point their fingers towards the Mathili police for the lapse. This also raises many questions like why the Indian Reserve Battalion (IRB) police forces deployed at Mathili could not reached the spot  and  what was the necessity of deployment of force at Mathili when the police fails to give protection to the common men.It seems that the whole incident was planned in much advance by the Maoists and  the police intelligence was failed to gather information on the ultras preplan.With the reasons behind the killing of the Contractor Swain is yet to be known, locals have alleged that Swain became the victim of a conspiracy engineered by some of his opponent contractors which is a matter of investigation.

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