Old issues of Ravenshaw hostel magazines to get new life
Tuesday, August 11, 2009
Old issues of Ravenshaw hostel magazines to get new life

Report by Viraj Sukla, Cuttack: Ravenshaw University is planning to build an archive and create a database of all previously published old issues of the hostel magazines of West Hostel and East Hostel viz. ‘Urmi’ and ‘Jagaran’ respectively for uploading on the University’s exclusive website, www.ravenshawuniversity.com

The hostel magazines of West Hostel and East Hostel have been playing a seminal role in creating and shaping innumerable poets, writers and scholars of twentieth century Orissa since the early 1920s. Eminent poets like Mayadhar Mansingh and several other celebrated litterateurs of Orissa had been editors of these historic hostel magazines once upon a time during their stay in the hostels as boarders.

“Keeping in view the glorious literary heritage and vibrant tradition of the two magazines, which enjoy the same stature as Ravenshavian, we are planning to build a digital archive of all its old issues and upload the same in PDF version on our website like we have done for the Ravenshavian,” said Ravenshaw University Vice Chancellor, Devdas Chhotray.

Moreover, we have are planning to bring out the forthcoming issues of these magazines in an elegant and attractive way like we brought out the Ravenshavian in March this year, he added.

The University now seeks cooperation from the ex-boarders of West Hostel and East Hostel, former hostel superintendents, working and retired hostel staff, University and hostel libraries, teaching and non-teaching faculties, and all and sundry having old issues of ‘Urmi’ and ‘Jagaran’ in their houses, sources informed.

“We would remain obliged if they donate us the magazines for digital archiving. A database of editors and writers will also be created who had edited and contributed poems, stories, articles and essays in the hostel magazines, many of whom are today reckoned as enlightening stars in the galaxy of Oriya and English literature,” a University official in charge of the project said.

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