Orissa Government to appoint 21,000 teachers soon says Mass Education Minister
Thursday, January 14, 2010
Orissa Government to appoint 21,000 teachers soon says Mass Education Minister
Report by Dipti Ranjan Kanungo; Bhubaneswar  (Odisha): Orissa Government to appoint 21,000 teachers soon says Minister of School and Mass Education Pratap Jena on Thursday in a press conference held in the OPEPA. The government has taken  several decisions for Quality Education in the Primary and Middle schools. The Minister has expressed that the department of Mass Education department has started steps for quality education in the primary and middle school level. Simultaneously with the teaching  some principles have been decided.

The Minister expressed that the all the teachers will remain present in the prayer. The prayer will be started at 10.05am, after the prayer the  teaching classes will be started from 10.30am. On Saturdays the prayer will be started at 6.35am., and after prayer the classes will be started from 7.00am.  In the prayer National song will be sing by both the teachers and students and on Saturdays  Vande Utkal Janani will be sing. After prayer Anuchinta and main news of the day will be read by both students and teachers. During the prayer the teachers will inspect the dress, nail, hair style etc of the students.
Flower garden, fruits garden and medicinal plants garden will be made with cooperation of the teachers, students and the guardians. The school campus will keep clean and dust bins will be set up. All the class rooms will be named  as per the names of Notable persons and rivers. Those schools will keep the best atmosphere of the schools will be awarded. From the next sessions the books will be supplied timely. Monthly progress reports will be verified by the Head Masters. The Mid Meal, Timely attendance of the teachers, utilisation of the government assistances etc. will be observe by the District Collectors, Sub-Collectors, Project Directors of the rural Development departments, Block Development Officers, district Social Welfare Officers, District Inspector of schools, District Project Coordinators, etc .
The collectors will observe at least two primary schools  and the Sub Collectors 2, DRDA 4,BDO 5,DSWO 10,CI of Schools 5,Project Director 10, and DI of Schools will observe 15 schools compulsory. In the District and State level observation committee will be constructed. In every schools a information board will be display and a Ministry will be functioned. The students will also visit out of the class room for practical knowledge. The Guardians and Teachers will be held in regular intervals. Any complaints  regarding any matter can be dropped in the complaint bix , even if without name also. The schools have no building, will be provided immediately. About 21,000 teachers will be appointed shortly. Notification has already published for filling up 3.200 high schools, and 17,800 primary teachers.
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