Andhra Pradesh CM DR K Rosaiah asks officials to verify requests for new ration cards
Wednesday, May 12, 2010
Andhra Pradesh CM DR K Rosaiah asks officials to verify requests for new ration cards

Hyderabad: The Chief Minister Dr K Rosaiah today asked the Civil Supplies Department to verify the requests for 7,61,647 new ration cards and issue them strictly before 15th of August, 2010. "It is already delayed much. I want the new ration cards to be issued within 3 months. No more delays", he made absolutely clear to the Civil Supplies officials. The Chief Minister today reviewed the issue of ration cards, public distribution system, prices of essential commodities, go-down space issue etc. with minister and officials concerned.

The Chief Minister said that all Mandal headquarters should have iris testing and processing centres and the entire process to issue new ration cards should be notified in detail immediately. All new ration cards be issued within 3 months, Dr. Rosaiah said. During the transparent de-duplication of ration cards drive conducted by the Civil Supplies Department through Iris system and Grama Sabha, it was found that there are over 19,09,348 duplicate or ineligible ration cards with a corresponding units of 21,79,859. The number of BPL cards surveyed and data entered are 2,03,33,051 with a corresponding unit of 7,29,63,577. Meanwhile few urban areas of Visakhapatnam, Nellore, Anantapur and Kadapa, Gram Sabha petitions are still being entered. The Chief Minister was informed that the online enrolment application is built which ensures that no duplicate enrolments will be allowed in future.

Andhra Pradesh is the first State porting of entire ration card database online. Out of 5.8 Crores Iris biometric database, 4.7 Crores has been identified as unique after the de-duplication. Cleansing of existing citizen databases is being done by text based de-duplication to remove duplicate/bogus IDs and linking with the National UIDAI. Consolidation of departmental databases will create a single integrated database for PDS, NREGS, Pensions, Housing, AABY, Arogyasri etc. It will also enable all departments to access the integrated unique ID database to roll out their services to the citizens.

The Chief Minister enquired about the prices of essential commodities. He was informed that the prices of rice are showing a downward trend. While the prices of Red gram dal and Black gram dal have been showing an upward trend, price of Green gram dal has gone up. Prices of Sunflower Oil, Palm oil and Chillies are less than the prices of last month. Prices of Groundnut oil and Tamarind are showing an upward trend. The Chief Minister expressed satisfaction that price of Sugar which touched Rs.40.05 per kg. has now come down to Rs.30.54 per kg. Compared to the last month, it has fallen by Rs.3.26 per kg. Price of onions is also showing a downward trend and it is much less than the highest price that prevailed last year. Increase in prices of some of these commodities is due to wide gap between production and requirement. Due to severe drought and unprecedented floods in some districts, overall Food Production in the State declined to 153 Lakh MTs from 204 lakh MTs of the last year.

Rice Production fallen to 106 Lakh MTs from 142 Lakh MTs. The Chief Minister will take up with the Centre the issue of go-down space and all efforts would be made to create more space. The Chief Minister was told that the Collectors were instructed to ensure that Inspections are conducted to unearth the hoarded stocks and to order interim disposal of the stocks as per Section 6 A of the Essential Commodities Act,1955 to make it available in the market at reasonable price. State Task Force teams have been deputed to districts for inspecting the business premises of the dealers, particularly in Pulses and to book cases if stocks are hoarded in excess of the permissible limits. The Group of Ministers in the meeting decided that as per the decision taken earlier, the MARKFED should purchase the total quantity of 50,000 tonnes of red gram under commercial operations by taking cash credit. As far as Deepam scheme is concerned, 4 Lakh new connections sanctioned recently.

Beneficiaries selection is in progress in districts. There are however Complaints regarding excess amounts being charged by dealers for Gas Stoves and other accessories and delivery of poor quality equipment and hence it was decided to invite open tenders to make LPG stoves and other accessories of requisite specifications available to the Deepam beneficiaries. Minister for Civil Supplies, Jupalli Krishna Rao, Chief Secretary S.V. Prasad, Principal Secretary, Agriculture Marketing & Cooperation, Ratna Kishore, Commissioner, Civil Supplies, Sanjay Jaju, Spl. Commissioner, M Subramaniam, Addl. DG, Vigilance & Enforcement, Dinesh Reddy, MD, Civil Supplies Corporation, B. Udaya Lakshmi and other officials attended the meeting.

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