Anti-industry body supporters in Orissa pelting stone on displaced families
Thursday, May 13, 2010
Anti-industry body supporters in Orissa pelting stone on displaced families

Report by Sudarshan Nayak; Kalinganagar: The Bistapan Virodhi Janamanch has done it again. In order to gain public sympathy and media and political support, they have cold-bloodedly killed one of their own people.

This anti displacement agitation was fighting a losing battle, as majority of local people were in favour of industrilisation. But the police firing on January 2002 changed it all. The tragic incident gave the agitation the much needed push and the movement gained momentum. This incident gave the agitation both peoples and political sympathy, locally and nationally. And the leaders of BVJM learned an easier way to get public support. Since then, whenever they felt that the agitation is losing public support and media attention, they simply murdered one of their own people and put the blame on administration. And this ploy has been proved successful for them in the past. This time also, as they felt that the stalemate at kalinganagar is nearing end with more families from chandia opting to leave their village and shifting to the rehabilitation colony of Tata Steel, they simply killed Laxman Jamuda, a 70 years old lonely bachelor, and are trying to blame police for this. The victim has no family or near relatives. So he was an easy target for the leaders of BVJM.
In Kalinganagar, Orissa, about 820 families have been displaced out of 1200 families. But most of the families were not able to evacuate their household items from their original village due to opposition by the supporters of Birodhi Mancha.
On request from the displaced families, the district administration have been providing support to the displaced villagers for evacuating household items from their original village along with dismantling of their old houses for availing all rehabilitation benefits.  Similar evacuation was happening from Chandia village since last 3 days and in all such evacuation the members of displaced families themselves were evacuating their household items and demolishing their houses inside their original village.
Today is the fourth day of evacuation of Chandia,wherein 10 displaced families went with administration support to Chandia. Inside the village there was heavy stone pelting by the opposing elements on the displaced families and administration. Inspire of repeated warnings from the administration the stone pelting did not stop. Due to the stone pelting by the opposing elements members of displaced families and administration got injured. To bring the situation under control police first resorted to Lathi Large and then rubber bullets were fired.
During the stone pelting and lathi large there was a stampede inside the village. One Laxman Jamuda while running during the stampede fell down and got injured. He was shifted to Dhangadi CHC and as per reports available he expired in the Dhangadi CHC.

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