Andhra Pradesh CM DR. K. Rosaiah gives nod to proposal to revamp entire health delivery system in state
Thursday, May 13, 2010
Andhra Pradesh CM DR. K. Rosaiah gives nod to proposal to revamp entire health delivery system in state

Hyderabad: It is decided to restructure the whole Health Department as "Arogya Raksha" with the help of National Rural Health Mission. The Chief Minister Dr. K. Rosaiah today gave a go ahead signal to the proposal to revamp the entire health delivery system in the State. The officials explained to the Chief Minister that Andhra Pradesh can be in the forefront in Public Health by a series of measures like cluster schemes, recruitment of doctors (which is already on) and leveraging funds from the NRHM. The Chief Minister today reviewed the National Rural Health Mission and the issues of the department of Health, Medical and Family Welfare with Ministers and officials at Secretariat. The National Rural Health Mission (NRHM) launched by the Prime Minister on 12th April, 2005 is aimed to provide effective healthcare to the rural population, the disadvantaged groups including women and children by improving access, enabling community ownership, strengthening public health systems, enhancing equity and accountability and promoting decentralization. Andhra Pradesh is the 5th Largest State in the country, the 3rd largest economy, the fastest growing economy in South India, fast Industrialised State with rapid urbanization and emerging destination for medical tourism.

It is proposed to start special program for vulnerable groups with targeted outreach of villages with poor health indicators Improved access through special package, identifying pockets of vulnerability Mapping Exercise and improving Maternal and Child Healthcare. The proposal is to have two VH Mobile Health Units per district with a Medical Officer, Social Organizer and Health Educator for focused attention to these Groups, pro-active Community Engagement and Close Coordination and Collaboration with the department of SERP and Women Development & Child Welfare. Dr. Rosaiah was informed that strategies have also been worked out to substantially reduce Maternal Mortality Rate; Revitalise Primary Health System in a big way with Village Level Linkage etc. Special Package for Tribal Areas is proposed with Community Health and Nutrition Clusters. It is planned to rationalise access from village to District Hospital, strengthen referral services, mobility for all PHCs and Cluster Coordinators, Outreach Activities - Nutrition and Day Care Centres with SERP, Up-gradation of Facilities improve conditions of health centers in dilapidated condition, Strengthen Birth Waiting Homes and establish ITDA Health Society under ITDA - strengthen ITDA health management capacity. Revitalization of Primary Health System by strengthening of Primary Health Centre is planned.

All PHCs will run 24x7 and every PHC will have two Medical Officers, two Additional Nurses (NRHM) and all PHCs will have facility for Conducting Deliveries, Clear delineation of service area for all PHC staff, Fixed-day Health Services in the field by PHC, Integration of 104 with PHC outreach Services and Focused Tasks for the PHC Medical Officer are also planned. Sub-Centres will be strengthened by rationalizing the service area of sub-centres; filling all vacant posts of ANMs; repositioning of second ANM in sub-centres from 104. Service Area divided equally between two ANMs. Rural AP is to be delineated into Community Health and Nutrition Clusters (CHNC) for strengthening Primary Care & Referral. The Comprehensive Programme of Action would include Revitalization of Primary Health System, Strengthening the Referral System, Structural Reforms and Comprehensive HR Reforms in the Health sector. It was also decided that a Special Healthcare programme for School Children---"Bala Arogya Raksha"--- will be launched to meet the health needs of 85.32 lakh children in the government schools in Andhra Pradesh. It will be on a massive campaign on the lines of Praja Patham to be launched from 15th July to 14th August 2010. The Chief Minister will formally launch the State-wide programme to be taken in all the districts and Mandals.

Screening of all school children between 15 July 14th August 2010; Health Cards will be issued and cases will be referred for those requiring specialist care, Referral counter will be opened in every area. Immunization will be taken up for every child of 5 -7 yrs, Micronutrient (Vitamin A & Iron Folic Acid) Supplement will be distributed. Janani Suraksha Yojana is introduced to promote institutional deliveries to reduce infant mortality rate and maternal mortality rate. It is proposed to increase incentives for institutional deliveries. Minister for Health, D.Nagender, Minister for Arogyasri, Pithani Satyanarayana, Principal Secretary, Health, J Satyanarayana, Secretary, Health, Dr. P.V.Ramesh, Commissioner, Family Welfare, Anil C Puneeta, Projects Director, AIDS Control Society, Chandra Vadan and other officials attended the meeting.

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