Draft Photo Electoral Roll Published in Meghalaya
Friday, May 21, 2010
Draft Photo Electoral Roll Published in Meghalaya

Shillong: The Photo electoral rolls pertaining to the Assembly Constituency 13 Mawryngkneng (ST), 14 Pynthorumkhrah (GEN), 15-Mawlai (ST), 16-East Shillong (ST), 17-North Shillong (ST), 18-West Shillong (GEN), 19-South Shillong (GEN), 20-Mylliem (ST), 21-Nongthymmai (ST), 22-Nongkrem (ST), 23-Sohiong (ST), 24-Mawphlang (ST), 25-Mawsynram (ST) 27-Pynursla (ST) and 29-Mawkynrew (ST) has been published in accordance with the Registration of Electors Rules 1960 and a copy thereof is available for inspection at the office of the Electoral Registration Officer, at the concerned polling stations or at the office of the Block Development Officer, during office hours.

The qualifying date for the preparation of the electoral roll is on 1st January, 2010.

If with reference to the above said qualifying date, there be any claim for the inclusion of a name in the roll or any objection at the inclusion of name or any objection to particulars in any entry, it should be lodge on or before the 5th June, 2010 ion Form 6, 7, 8, or 8A as may be appropriate.

Every such claim or objection should either be presented in the office of the Electoral Registration Officer or to the Designated Officers at the concerned Polling Stations or sent by post so as to reach the Electoral Registration Officer of the respective Assembly Constituencies.

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