31 casual workers in Orissa get justice after struggling with the authority of PPT since 15 years
Wednesday, May 26, 2010
31 casual workers in Orissa get justice after struggling with the authority of PPT since 15 years
Report by Amarnath Parida; Paradip: After long contest in the court of law , 31 casual workers of central store under Paradip Port Trust have been able to get the justice and they have joined their services on Monday in the material management office of PPT by the directive of Orissa High Court.

The then general secretary Utkal Port and Dcok Worker’s Union and working president of Paradip Dock and Transport Worker’s Union Mr Sudhakar Mantry had raised an industrial dispute in the assistant labour commissioner (central) Bhubaneswar on 6th Nov,1995 through a strike and notice for permanent employment to 40 casual workers in the office of material management under PPT. Later, discussion between the PPT and union was ended in the failure because PPT authority refused to regularize the service of these 40 work men.

Harried workmen and union appealed near the Ministry of Labour, Government of India and highlighted their plight in which PPT has ignored them to regularize their service without any reson. Lastly, Union Ministry of Labour made reference to the central government industrial tribunal cum labour court, Bhubaneswar for necessary adjudication in this matter. In 2003, presiding officer Mr S,K,Dhal of said tribunal gave an award in favour of these workmen for regularization of their job since raising of dispute with payment of back-wages. Later, PPT filed writ petition in Orissa High Court against the verdict of said labour court.

Justice L.Mohapatra of Orissa High Court upheld the said award of labour court. Then PPT authority preferred an appeal in divisional bench of Orissa High Court and also division bench comprising Justice A.K.Ganguly and Inderjeet Mohanty also upheld the award of labour court by displeasing on the appeal of PPT management.

Then, PPT filed writ petition in Supreme Court challenging the judgment of Orissa High Court. Interestingly, special leave petition was dismissed by said court in which PPT management filed review petition in the said apex court. Again, the petition of the PPT was also dismissed so the management had no other alternative for implementing the award of the tribunal of labour court. Union leader Mr Mantry strongly criticized the activities of PPT authority for playing with the livelihood and alleged that PPT authority did not implement the said award with false plea. PPT management deliberately neglected to regularize their job and frequently issued some format to harass the workmen.

Protesting the activities of PPT, these workmen with the help of union leaders intnesfed stir and urged their regularization of job but PPT foiled their stir. Then, these work men filed another writ petition against PPT for not implementing the verdict of labour court. Meanwhile, justice of Orissa High Court Mr M.M.Das has given direction to PPT authority to implement the award of tribunal within one month to regularize their jobs under PPT and payment of full back wage within 3 months from the said judgment recently.

Out of 40 workmen, six have been crossed of their retirement age while 3 have been passed away and rest 31 have been joined in their regularize job on 24th May’10.
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