Load shedding rescheduled in Meghalaya
Friday, June 11, 2010
Load shedding rescheduled in Meghalaya

Shillong: The Chief Executive Officer, Shillong Distribution Circle, Meghalaya Energy Corporation Ltd., (MeECL), Shillong, has informed that the Load Shedding has been rescheduled with effect from June 11, 2010.

From 9:00 AM to 11:30 AM, load shedding will take effect in Pine Wood, Shillong Club, BSNL, CPMG, Government Press, DC Office, AG, Lachumiere, Bishop Cotton Road, Raj Bhavan, SBI Main Branch, AIR, Main and Additional Secretariat, GAD, Woodland, NL Complex, Kharmalki, Don Bosco, Boyce Road, Survey of India, Upper Oakland, Nongthymmai, Demthring, parts of Madanryting, parts of Police Bazar, PGCIL, MES, Happy Valley, Mawshbuit, Nongkrem and adjoining areas, Laitkor, Lum Jingshai, DIC Industrial Estate, Oakland and adjoining areas upto Shillong Club.

From 11:00 AM to 1:30 PM the areas to be affected are Mawiong, NEHU, Nongrim Hills, Nongshilliang, Bethany Hospital, Jhalupara crematorium, Barapathar, Lower Lummawbah, TB Hospital, Mawlai Iewrynghep, Nongpdeng, Jaiaw, Mawkhar, Wahingdoh, Umsohsun, Laban, Oxford, Civil Hospital, Mawjrong, Laitlyngkot, Mylliem, Mawklot, Upper Shillong upto 4th Mile, Rangbihbih and surrounding areas, New Colony and adjoining areas, Pohkseh, Umpling, Lapalang, Law-U-Sib, Pohktieh, Dum Dum, Rynjah, parts of Nongrah, Sadew upto Mawreng.

From 1:00 PM to 3:30 PM the areas to be affected are Kench’s Trace, Bishnupur, Rilbong, Upper Lummawbah, Umlyngka, Nongkseh, Lawsohtun, Motinagar, Fire Brigade, Risa Colony, Cleve Colony, ISPW, Sunny Hill, Mission Compound, Bara Bazar, Mahari Pump, Lumkshaid, whole of Mawlai except Iewrynghep and Nongpdeng, Robert Hospital, Jaiaw Langsning, Mawpat, Langkyrding, Mawlynrei, Tynring, BSF Mawpat, Atomic Energy, SETUK, MES, S E Falls, parts of Jaiaw, Nongmynsong, parts of Nongrah, BSF Umpling, Pynthorumkhrah, Langkyrding, 5th Furlong.

From 3:00 PM to 4:45 PM the areas to be affected are Mawprem, Upper Mawprem, Qualapaty, Lumdiengjri, Lamavilla, Garikhana, KHADC, Lukier Road, Laitumkhrah, Super Care Hospital, Nazareth Hospital, Madan Laban, Lumparing, Pine Mount, parts of Laban, Nongmalki, Nongshilliang, Lum Balang, Chinapati, Golf Links, Lumshyiap, Chandmari, Polo, Lawmali, Forest Colony, 6th Furlong. EAC HQ, 4th Furlong, Polo Bazar, Demseiniong and adjoining areas, Ganesh Das Hospital, Police Reserve, Quinton Road, parts of Mawlai Nongmali, Mawroh, Mawkynroh, Umshing, Mawtawar areas, Mawngap, Mawphlang.

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