Manthan Broadband to expand operation in Orissa says Dillip Bhuyan
Monday, January 31, 2011
Manthan Broadband to expand operation in Orissa says Dillip Bhuyan

In the age of cable war, Service providers play significant role to define the whole Television industry dynamics. They impress upon potential viewers and consumers in innovative ways. Orissa's growing Cable Television market took a new turn with the entry of Manthan Broadband Services in 2010.

Mr Dillip Bhuyan, Orissa Business Head of Manthan Broadband Services talks In a candid interview to OrissaDiary.com correspondent Bhabsom, about Manthan's new plan, expansion and strategy.

Question: Please introduce Manthan to us.

: Manthan Broadband Services is a leading Cable TV service providing MSO (Multi System Operator) in India. Having emerged from West Bengal, Manthan is now catering to all clusters of Kolkata Metro, various towns in the State of West Bengal, Jharkhand and now Orissa & North-East. Manthan is the only MSO in India to have presence in all parts of Eastern India.

Question: When did Manthan start its activities in Orissa?

Dillip: We started working in Orissa just before one year. We are now present in all parts of Orissa including several district headquarters and Industrial captive towns. This kind of presence is better than any other MSO operated in Orissa so far.

Question: Any special experience in Orissa?

Dillip: Manthanís entry into Orissa is probably the fastest entry by any MSO in any state in India in the Broadcasting Industry so far. On an average, it was almost one location per week. This was just exciting.

Question: Why some other MSO from outside did not try Orissa market?

Dillip: In fact some MSOs from outside have tried in past, but have backed out. Probably it was our realistic strategy, the low-profile entry and the Operator-friendly model, which made the difference.

Question: Why some MSOs failed and backed out?

Dillip: There were basically two things, which acted against them. First the competition, and secondly their immediate acceptance by the majority of Cable Operators was not easy.

Question: Why the Cable Operators could not accept them, and whatís that which made it possible for you?

Dillip: Letís understand the logic. Basically, an ideal model is that, MSOs should provide signals to independent Operators and the TV viewers should be getting connections and service at doorstep through the local Cable Operators only. Typically in Orissa, the model of Direct to home connections provided by some MSOs has been a threat to survival of the independent Operators in the state. Due to this threat, independent Operators have been treating all MSOs as enemies, till the entry of an Operator-friendly MSO like Manthan. We work as partners of cable Operators, without exerting any dominance, unlike some others. Today majority of Cable Operators fraternity in Orissa look upto Manthan for some guidance or moral support, no matter, whether they have partnered with us, or not.

Question: What are your plans in near future?

Dillip: Despite having widespread presence in the state, we are yet to enter the major towns of Orissa. We will be doing the same after market stabilisation.

Question: Why did you not start from the major towns, and why have you not entered them till now?

Dillip: There is always a right time to do things. We are always confident of our strengths, but at the same time, we never jump into something by becoming over-confident, or without complete understanding of the environment. This is the very reason, why Manthan has never come back from any market after entering into the same.

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