Rachabanda Programme: 1,47,450 ration cards distributed in Andhra Pradesh
Monday, January 31, 2011
Rachabanda Programme: 1,47,450 ration cards distributed in Andhra Pradesh

Hyderabad: In the first six days of the Rachabanda Programme from 24-01-2011 to 30-01-2011, (with today's--31-01-2011 report yet to come in), 1,47,450 ration cards were distributed in the State so far. Besides, 7,79,929 fresh applications were received for issue of new ration cards. Also 45,865 new pensions were sanctioned and 2,90,194 new applications received for sanction of new pensions till date.

As far as Dr.YSR Abhayahastham scheme is concerned, a total of 99,906 women consisting of 51,819 SC women and 18,508 ST women and 29,579 other women were sanctioned pensions so far. In addition 87,085 fresh applications were also received. In the Housing sector, 82,740 beneficiaries were issued sanction letters and 48,856 beneficiaries were given patta/possession certificates. In Aarogyasri scheme, 95,412 people were issued new cards and 1,45,585 fresh applications were received till date (excluding today). As far as MG NREGA is concerned, 86,284 were given fresh job cards and 1,45,343 fresh requests were received from those who have completed 100 days of job received so far. The number of Self Help Groups for which pavala vaddi (Rural) dues (up to 31-3-2010) pending are 1,52,227 Groups and the amount to be paid towards pavala vaddi arrears up to 31-3-2010 is Rs.94.44 crores and payment were disbursed during the Rachabanda till date for 1,37,066 Groups and the amount disbursed till date is Rs.82.17 crores.

As far as Pavala Vaddi (Urban) is concerned, the number of Self Help Groups for which pavala vaddi (Rural) dues (up to 31-3-2010) pending are 61,304 Groups and the amount to be paid towards pavala vaddi arrears up to 31-3-2010 is Rs.25.27crores and payment disbursed during the Rachabanda till date for 35,953 Groups and the amount disbursed till date is Rs.15.77 crores. The Programme is being conducted successfully in spite of stray incidents and minor disturbances like boycotts etc, confined to Telangana districts alone. People are assembling in large numbers and responding very actively. The beneficiaries are also availing the benefits. The Ministers, MPs, MLAs and other public representatives are able to get a first hand feed-back of people's immediate problems in their own areas. Rachabanda has also become a platform and opportunity for the officials and public representatives to know whether the benefits of the number of welfare programmes launched by the State are reaching the real beneficiaries.

They are also able to take on the spot decisions to solve the people's problems. The Chief Minister already stated that Andhra Pradesh today leads all other States in the country in the implementation of NREGA schemes. Recognising the remarkable performance of Andhra Pradesh, Government of India has sanctioned an additional Rs.7,800.00 crores for the State towards the NREGA schemes and the State Government has spent over Rs.5,600.00 crores. It may be stated here that daily wages under the NREGA has increased to Rs.121.00 and number of jobs per family was also increased from 100 days to 125 days.

Reports reaching here said that today---the sixth Day of Rachabanda programme was almost peaceful and successful in all areas of the State except at very few places in Telangana. Except some stray incidents, the programme was conducted in an orderly manner. The Chief Minister, Ministers, MPs, MLAs and other Public Representatives who participated in the Rachabanda programme in large numbers distributed Pensions, Ration Cards, Indiramma House sanction letters etc. were distributed in different parts of the State. People enthusiastically responded to Rachabanda programme and assembled in large numbers at the Chief Minister's and other Minister's Rachabanda programme and expressed their grievances and submitted their representations. The Chief Minister and Ministers directed the officials on the spot to the details verified and issue the benefits to all the deserved persons. People in general effectively expressed their views and highlighted some of the problems they are facing in availing the benefits under various welfare schemes. The Chief Minister who arrived at Chittoor from Kalikiri today in the morning and discussed with officials and non-officials and arrived at Reddygunta X Roads where he unveiled the statue of former Chief Minister Dr Y S Rajasekhara Reddy and participated in the Rachabanda Programme at Anupalli of Chittoor District.

Ministers including Central Ministers, MPs, MLAs, Public Representatives and officials participated in the programme in which public in large numbers participated in different places in the State today. Rachabanda Programme was held at 1584 places throughout the State today----the sixth day Andhra--661 places, Rayalaseema 285 places, Telangana--638places. There were reports of minor disruptions at few places in Telangana only.

Many beneficiaries received assets and other benefits at different places in the State today. So far the Rachabanda programme has so far covered 8212 villages/gram panchayats--Andhra--3290 Rayalaseema--605 and Telangana--3317. There were minor disruptions in a total of 112 places in Telangana.

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