Odisha: Job Seekers challenged to the local administration against violation of MGNREGA
Saturday, May 14, 2011
Odisha: Job Seekers challenged to the local administration against violation of MGNREGA

Report by Pravat Kumar Sahu; Nayagarh: Starvation death is growing more & more in Odisha. It only happens due to lack of work & employment. Lack of work people from rural areas of lower class family went to other state to search of work. Also they faced much moral & physical & exploitation in that area. This also relates to migration. But we can say that Central Govt. has launched MGNREGA for unskilled manual worker to ensure 100 days employment in a financial year. But an innermost cause of the issue is lack of proper co-ordination & monitoring from upper level to ground level. As a result the rural marginalized people facemany problems as well as livelihood threats.

We can examine the situation of torture to the daily tribal laborers relates to a Gram Panchayat named Kaptapalli of Nuagaon Block in Nayagarh district in Odisha.

Kaptapalli GP is the most backward, tribal & remote area of Nayagarh District which is around 30 Km away from Nuagaon Block head quarter. The people of the area mostly depend on daily wages as they have no work in April & May.

According to this on 07/05/11, around 20 nos. of job card holders from Phampuni & Gunamati village of Kaptapalli GP came to job demand in GP office at 10:30 AM. But they came to see that GP office is not opened though it is working day & morning office. So they contacted to the BDO, Nuagaon Mr. Hemanta Kumar Swain. Without giving any positive assurance, the BDO told him that the P.E.O. of the concerned GP is also working in another GP & he is also providing BPL rice, so he cannot come right now. But after a little discussion, BDO agreed to say P.E.O. to come to the GP office. On 2 PM the P.E.O. Mr. Sukanta Pattnaik came, the people gave their job demand applications in plain papers. But the PEO did not receive any application, saying that you can only apply for prescribed job demand form in C-1. But C- 1 form was not available in GP office. Then Mr. Pattnaik told them that we will go to your village tomorrow & there you can demand for job. Then the people went to their village. But the next day neither the Sarapanch nor the Executive Officer came to the village. So that 40 nos. of people again came to GP office on 11th Mayˇ¦11 at 9 AM. There the main gate of the GP office was opened & PDS commodities were distributed. But Executive Officer & Sarapanch were not in the GP office. They were sat together with the BDO, Nuagaon in Block Office. When the people asked BDO in telephone he told the same as he previously told. As a result the people try to contact with the PD, DRDA, Nayagarh, but PD was in a meeting at Banigochha at the time. So people contacted directly with the P. Raj Director Mr. S.K. Lohani through mobile. Meanwhile he was at Tamilnadu; still he felt very sad about the issue & collect the Number of BDO, Nuagaon & directed to solve the problem as soon as possible.

After 15 minutes the BDO contacted to the people through mobile, which the P.E.O. will go to office very soon. Soon after he said again the P.E.O. called from the BDO mobile that ˇ§I will go to GP office at 2 PM, I am not working by the direction of peopleˇ¨. As a result the deprived rural job seekers waited till P.E.O. come. At 1 PM the PEO came & 28 nos. job seekers demanded for job in C-1 form. 11 nos. of people who want to apply for new job card, they could not do it because the registration form was not available in GP office. Again the Executive Officer told them to come on 13th Mayˇ¦11 at 8AM to GP office. I will bring Registration forms from the block.

On behalf of Lok Sangathan Mati Maa Mahila Morcha the priority has been given on job demand receipt of Job Seekers because-

„« Without receipt the labour cannot claim if any problems arise during the working period.

„« The notice would be issued if job seekers have received job demand receipt.

„« Without receipt and notice the concerned labour may not be enrolled in muster role and job card as a manual labour under MGNREGS.

„« Labour may not raise voice or claim legally before court of law if he/she has no job demand receipt/notice.

„« No proof is there either labour or officials; job card holder is worked under MGNREGS project without receiving of job demand receipt.

„« Job seekers may not claim against corrupted officials if they have not got their wages timely.
Proper implementation of MGNREGS in rural areas is not only the primary work of Mati Maa Mahila Morcha but ultimately it is a vital tool has been utilizing for strengthening of the community as well as establishment of the transparent governance exercising peopleˇ¦s rights & justice.

It is not possible to achieve the goal by the effort of MMMM so; we all the civil society bodies let us join together if we want to reform the so called system.

Contact: Pravat Kumar Sahu; Mati Maa Mahila Morcha, Daspalla, Nayagarh, Odisha

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