Andhra Pradesh CM announces rice at re.1-a-kg for all bpl families 2.26 cr families to benefit from the historic scheme
Wednesday, September 21, 2011
Andhra Pradesh CM announces rice at re.1-a-kg for all bpl families 2.26 cr families to benefit from the historic scheme

Hyderabad: Never in the history of Andhra Pradesh such a boon was given to the BPL families by any Government or any Chief Minister. The just announced Re.1-a-kg rice scheme by Chief Minister N Kiran Kumar Reddy will benefit 2.26 crore families and 7.5 crore population in the State. Total number of BPL families are 2.01 crores for a population of 6.8 crores and new cards to be given in Rachabanda-II will be 25 lakh families and 70 lakh population. While the subsidy requirement per year for the Rs.2-kg-rice scheme in the State is Rs.2,000 crore, the subsidy per year for the Re.1-kg-rice scheme will be Rs.2,600 crore.

The additional burden for the State Government by reducing from Rs.2/- to Re.1/- will be Rs.600/- per year. The rice requirement per month will be 3.3 lakh MT. New while cards given by the Chief Minister is 31 lakhs (during Rachabanda-I--- 6 lakhs and during Rachbanda-II ---25 lakhs). It may be recalled here that while the subsidised rice was supplied at Rs.2/- in 1983, the open market rate of rice was around Rs.2.46/- and the number of BPL families was also very less. Subsidised rice was supplied at Rs.1.90 (when the open market price was Rs.3.96/-) through PDS system during 1990. Later it was increased to Rs.3.50 in 1992 (when the open market price was Rs.5.71) and was again reduced to Rs.2/- in 1995 and increased to Rs.3.50 in 1996 and was increased to Rs.5.50 in 2000 (when the open market price of rice was Rs.10.08) and Rs.5.25 (when the open market price of rice was Rs.10.04/-).

This was again brought down to Rs.2.00 (when the open market price of rice was Rs.12.56/-). And now it has been reduced to Re.1.00 when the open market price of rice is Rs.18/- by Chief Minister Kiran Kumar Reddy. Details attached: Rs.1/- PER Kg. RICE SCHEME RATION CARDS Families Population No.of BPL Cards 2.01 Crores 6.8 Crores New Cards (to be given in Rachabanda-II 25 Lakh 70 Lakh Total 2.26 Crores 7.5 Cr. population PDS RICE RATES: Year Rate per Kg. Open Market Price per Kg. 14.04.1983 Rs.2.00 Rs.2.46 01.11.1990 Rs.1.90 Rs.3.96 22.01.1992 Rs.3.50 Rs.5.71 01.01.1995 Rs.2.00 Rs.6.93 01.08.1996 Rs.3.50 Rs.7.99 10.04.2000 Rs.5.50 Rs.10.08 28.07.2000 Rs.5.25 Rs.10.04 09.04.2008 Rs.2.00 Rs.12.56 01.11.2011 Rs.1.00 Rs.18.00  Rice Subsidy per year (for 2 Kg. Rice Scheme)  : 2000 Cr.  Rice Subsidy per year (for 1 Kg. Rice Scheme)  : 2600 Cr.  Additional Burden by reducing Rs.2/- to 1/-) : 600 Cr.  Rice requirement per month  : 3.3 Lakh MT  New White Cards given by present C.M  : 31 Lakhs (Rachabanda-I  : 6 Lakhs) (Rachabanda-II  : 25 Lakhs)

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