Himachal Pradesh: Land Record and Land Revenue at a click of button
Sunday, July 15, 2012
Himachal Pradesh: Land Record and Land Revenue at a click of button

Report by Vijyender Sharma; Dharmshala: Himachal Pradesh has been making constant endeavours to bring about improvements in revenue related matters, which earlier was a time consuming process. The State Government is laying emphasis on computerization of land revenue and land record so that people can get information about land related activities at a click of button. Besides, reforms have been introduced in the revenue laws and revenue process has been simplified online during last four and half years. In an endeavour to allay the hassles faced by the people of the State while handling manual system of land revenue, records of all Tehsils and Sub-Tehsils have been made available.

The State Legislature has amended the HP Land Revenue Act, 1954 so that mutations could be entered and attested at Tehsil level. Consequent changes in Chapter 8 of HP Land Records Manual were notified on 9th January, 2012 making it possible for registered transactions related to land to be immediately entered in the land records. As a result of these amendments, people would no longer need to visit the Patwari to get the changes entered in the record. It will also result in updating land records in real time. The process of immediate attestation of mutations has also begun in all districts of the State.

The State Government has notified various services to be provided by the Patwari and Tehsildars/Naib Tehsildars to the general public in a time bound manner under the provisions of Himachal Pradesh Public Service Guarantee Act, 2011. The Act envisages to provide copies of revenue record, reports for issuance of various certificates, report of damages due to natural calamity, entry of mutation by the Patwari on the same day. Similarly, the Revenue Officer has to issue certificates and attest Affidavits/power of attorney on the same day.

The rate of Stamp duty on mortgage deeds, family settlement deeds and exchange of land in the villages has been reduced to 0.05% with a minimum of Rs. 100 and maximum of Rs. 1000.  This initiative of the state Government will go a long way in increasing revenue in the State exchequer and will also benefit rural population. Under the 'Himachal Pradesh e-Stamping Rules, 2011, a new system for collecting stamp duty in the State has been introduced on pilot basis in the districts of Solan and Shimla. The system is working smoothly and will soon be extended to other parts of the State. This will do away with the need of frequent visits to treasury and registration offices. A voluntary partition campaign has also been launched to make people aware of the benefits of seeking early partition to avoid future litigation. 
The procedure for securing permission under section 118 of the HP Treasury and Land Reforms act, 1972 is laid down in rule 38-A of the HP Tenancy and Land Reforms Rules, 1975. This has been amended to clearly define eligibility for permission to purchase land or built up structures with the permission of the State Government.

'Himachal Pradesh  Lease Rules, 2011' have been notified on 23rd September, 2011 to bring clarity in the uses for which lease is permitted and the conditions under which those will be granted. The procedure incorporates appropriate safeguards to protect rights of local communities while simplifying the rates and system for grant of lease.

The simplification of revenue record and computerization of revenue matters has brought relief to the general public on account of delays in revenue related works. The State government has directed Panchayat offices to remain open from 10 am to 5 pm and Panchayat Secretaries and Panchayat Assistants to remain in office on all working days. Apart from this, Patwaris have been directed to remain in office on Monday, Wednesday and Friday so as to facilitate rural population.

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