Odisha Cabinet approved eleven proposals; state to fill up 700 posts of lecturers
Friday, August 24, 2012
Odisha Cabinet approved eleven proposals; state to fill up 700 posts of lecturers

Report by Priyabrata Nayak; Bhubaneswar: The State Cabinet on Thursday decided filling up over 700 vacant UGC scale posts of lecturers. The State Government also decided in principle in favour of the continuation of the UGC scale of pay for Government college teachers.

On Thursday the cabinet meeting was held, chaired by chief minister Naveen pattnaik at state secretariat. After the ministerial reshuffle, cabinet meeting was held first time, here today. Today cabinet passed eleven proposals including to hike pays and allowances of Judge and officers of Law department.

After this crucial meeting chief secretary Bijay kumar pattnaik said, today Odisha education service has been reformed.  Briefing reporters after the first Cabinet meeting held under the chairmanship of Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik since the recent Ministry reshuffle, Chief Secretary Bijay Kumar Patnaik said that it was decided to restore the UGC scale of pay in Government Degree (Plus 3) colleges by filling up over 700 vacant UGC scale posts of lecturers. He said the posts would be filled up by giving promotion to 50 per cent illegible Junior Lecturers in Government Plus 2 colleges to the Plus 3 stream through lateral entry and 50 per cent of the vacant posts would be filled up through direct recruitment by the OPSC. While 471 posts would be filled up through lateral entry from the Junior Lecturers,  the rest 300 posts would be filled up through direct recruitment.

Henceforth, the Junior Lecturers would avail of promotional facilities in various stages to become Principals of Junior Colleges, the posts of which were held by the Readers of the Government Degree Colleges. A Junior Lecturer would be promoted to the rank of Lecturer after completion of five years of continuous service while a Lecture who has attained 10 years of service would be elevated to the rank of a Reader and a Junior Lecturer would be eligible to hold the post of Principal of the same Plus 2 college after 18 years on seniority basis.

As many as 11 items were cleared by the Cabinet. The Chief Secretary said the Cabinet also decided to revive the Odisha Arbitration Tribunal system after 48 long years. The Arbitration Tribunal-1940 was abolished with Central Arbitration and Conciliation Act 1966 coming into effect.

However in order to avoid delay in the settlement of disputes in various Government departments and public sector undertakings, it was felt necessary to restore the old provision by amending Section 41(a) of the Odisha Arbitration and Conciliation Act-1966. A Bill to this effect would be brought in the coming winter session of the State Assembly.

He said the Cabinet  approved the plan of the Fisheries and Animal Development Resources Department to amend the Reservoir Fishery Policy-2003. As per the revision, the lease value in case of minor reservoirs has been reduced from Rs50 to Rs20, and in case of medium reservoirs from Rs60 to Rs40 per hectare. There are 130 minor and eight major and medium reservoirs in the State. This would help the Government get Rs25 lakh revenue per annum. The cabinet also decided to form sub-ordinate staff selection commission on district level.

The State Cabinet  also decided to effect an upward revision of the allowances and fees of Government lawyers, including the Advocate General.

Briefing newsmen, Chief Secretary Bijay Kumar Patnaik said as per the decision, the retainer fee of the Advocate General would be Rs25,000 against the present Rs10,000 per month. He would now get hiked daily fees of Rs10,000 against the present Rs5,000 for appearance in cases in the Supreme Court while he would get Rs3,000 against the existing Rs1,600 for appearance in any court.

Patnaik said the last revision of retainer fees and daily fees was made in 2009.

He said the Government pleaders’ and Public Prosecutors’ retainer fees per month has been hiked from Rs4,000 to Rs6,000 with daily fees of appearance in court from Rs600 to Rs800. Similarly, associate lawyers would get retainer fee of Rs4,000 against the existing Rs2,500 with daily fees of Rs800 against the current Rs600.

The APPs would get Rs3,000 against the existing Rs2,000 with daily fee of Rs600 against Rs400.

Patnaik said while the Government advocate’s retainer fee has been hiked from Rs6,000 to Rs12,000 per month, the daily fee for appearance has been hiked from Rs1,400 to Rs2,000. Similarly, Additional Government advocates would get Rs10,000 as retainer fee against the present level of Rs5,000. The daily appearance fee would be Rs1,600 against the current Rs1,200.

He also said the State Government has decided to make easy for the persons with disabilities to get their certificates from PHCs and CHCs instead of going to the District Medical Officer. The authority would now be delegated to the concerned medical officers, Patnaik said.

Chief secretary Pattnaik said that, fish farming tax of four large reservoirs and four medium reservoirs of the state has been reduced. While earlier rupees sixty for per acre was collected as tax, it has been dropped to rupees forty. Likewise per acre tax for medium reservoirs has been fixed to rupees twenty from fifty. But hundred rupees tax for per acre remains unchanged, Pattnaik said. It was known from the meeting that, government restricted the use of small net and fishing in large and medium reservoirs. Today the cabinet has decided to simplify the process to get physical handicapped certificate. From now applicants can be provided with handicapped certificate by the doctors of primary and circle health centers also by the chief district medical officers. Those who have any complaints regarding this can directly refer to state government.

As per the other decisions taken by the cabinet today, proposal for reformation of Odisha municipal corporation act has been approved. As a result women would have fifty percent reservation in panchayatiraj institutions, instead of thirty three. It was also known that 109 Ayurvedic and 128 Homeopathic doctors who were serving as contractual policy, will be regularized. Also these doctors promoted to class-2 from class-3 post.

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