Odisha: 4th Go Green Campaign; Tiny kids appealing to Save Energy
Wednesday, December 26, 2012
Odisha: 4th Go Green Campaign; Tiny kids appealing to Save Energy
Report by OdishaDiary bureau, Bhubaneswar: The need towards environmental awareness has become a prime issue to safeguard the world’s resources.  To sensitize the urban mass in Bhubaneswar city, the kids of Little Steps Pre-School appealed the visitors of Nandankanan to SAVE ENERGY through a series of events under the banner of “Go Green Campaign”. 

Go green campaign is a regular activity by Littlesteps Pre-school to sensitize the citizens towards saving environmental resources through appeals made by pre-nursery students (This is 4th campaign since the past years).  

The activities included children dressed as Santa Claus distributing chocolates in colourful paper packets and pamphlets containing message to save energy.

 There was a placards march and kids requested all citizens to SAVE ENERGY.  The campaign was initiated on 25th December 2012, Christmas Day considering the zoo has a large number of visitors today. 

Littlesteps believes that the crucial importance of investing in these early years is to ensure an enabling environment for every child. And thereby a sound foundation for life, environmental awareness from the beginning of life will have a positive impact on the quality of human capital available to a country.

Mr. Debi Prasad Pati A visitor at Nandankannan said  that, "It is such a thrill watching the kids dressed in Santa Claus dancing to the tune of Jingle Bells and spreading the word –“Save Energy”. It really shows it is time we take note. This kind of campaign is really going to make difference in our life especially when our kids are telling us to do so."

Mentor of Little Steps Pre-school, Ms. Sudha Manjari Mishra said that, We believe in giving the child the best experience that they can have through age appropriate activities and GO GREEN campaign is the best way of making them aware about the environmental issues; wherein their talents, leadership qualities and concern for environment is getting explored."

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