Odisha Government asked Collectors to prioritize setting up of Skill Training Centers & Public Service Act
Thursday, January 03, 2013
Odisha Government asked Collectors to prioritize setting up of Skill Training Centers & Public Service Act
Report by Saumya Parida; Bhubaneswar: Chief Secretary Bijay Kumar Patnaik has directed the Collectors of all districts to prioritize the locating and commissioning of Training Centers for skill development activities in each district. 

The Collectors have also been directed to give top attention to the Odisha Public Service Delivery Act and ensure that all the 34 services enlisted are delivered within specified time frame without fail. Patnaik gave these directions over a video conferencing held in secretariat conference hall last evening. Chief Secretary has advised each Collector should develop his/her own mechanism for implementation and monitoring of the Public Service Act in the district. 

Discussions held over the conferencing reveal that Govt has set the target of training 1, 70,000 youths during the current year out of which State Employment Mission will train 60,000 and the rest will be trained by other departments. Accordingly, Mission has grounded the activities from September, 2012. In the mean while, 14 Training Partners have been put to job and 62 training centers have been set up in different districts. 

Director Employment Mission Hemant  Kumar Sharma who joined the video conferencing informed that more training partners (around 14 more) will be finalized within a month and all those training partners will asked to open their centers in districts on first come and first serve basis.   

Mobilization camps have been organized in various districts and around 1 lakh candidates have been enlisted for different training. The candidates have also been categorized as per their field of choice. By now, employment mission has started centers in various districts to train 4553 candidates in one batch. This will be scaled up soon with putting in of more number of training partners and setting up of new training centers. 

Till now the National level agencies like Skylark, Grass Academy, Globsyn Skills, Britti Prasikshyan, L & T,, Seri Sahaj, Gram Tarang, Basix Academy, Team Lease, CIDC, IL & FS, Empower Pragati, Institute of Computer Academy have selected as training partners. Now 3737 candidates are undergoing training in different districts, 2207 have completed their training and 1345 have been employed after completion of training  in Placement Linked Training Programme. Chief Secretary has advised Collectors to keep at least 10 locations ready for setting up of the training centers by 15th  January so that training partners can be tagged up to those places. They have been asked to provide Govt building accommodation  if available or hire private buildings on reasonable rent-price

The Collectors have also been directed to organize Job Fair in each district by end of current financial year. Chief Secretary Sri Patnaik has instructed the Collectors to make these Job fairs more focused and result oriented with prior scrutiny and screening. Sri Patnaik has instructed the Collectors to deliver what they promise. 

Secretary, E & TE and Training Dr C.S.Kumar speaking to the Collectors in this video conferencing told that Kausal Vikash Yojana will be started soon in various districts. Under the Yojana  the blocks not having Government ITI will be eligible to get an ITI on PPP mode. He has requested the Collectors to make site selection for  these institutions.  Director Employment Mission Sri Sharma informed that new poly-technique institutions have already been constructed in different districts. The admission in these institutions will start from this year. He asked Collectors   to expedite the process of issuing land use and land alienation certificate within 15th January. 

Collector Cuttack has been advised to enhance the capacity of ITI, Cuttack and Bose Engineering Institute, Cuttack in addition to setting up of Skill Training Centers. He has been asked to identify suitable location for Second Campus of ITI, Cuttack and Poly Technique, Cuttack since the existing campus do not have sufficient space for expansion. 

Chief Secretary has advised the Collectors to take up such activities which will open up the mind-set of the rural youths and prepare them to  avail the opportunities. Sri Himansu Kumar Panigrahi , Assistant Director of Employment Mission along with other senior officers participated in video conferencing.  
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