Odisha: Odia girl Bilina Pattanaik debut novel 'Tamanna- A Wish' a huge hit in Delhi- Book Fair 2013
Sunday, September 01, 2013
Odisha: Odia girl Bilina Pattanaik debut novel 'Tamanna- A Wish' a huge hit in Delhi- Book Fair 2013
Report by Odisha Diary bureau, New Delhi: Odisha-born Novelist Bilina Pattanaik ‘Tamanna- A Wish’ a huge hit in just concluded Delhi- Book Fair 2013. This was informed by the Shalaj Mittal, Director of the Readworthy Publications.
According the Mittal in these days of book fair more 350 copies of ‘Tamanna- A Wish’ novel sold . He further added that we have sold out all the copies we brought for Delhi. 
"Tamanna, A Wish" is her debut novel where she brings out the different shades of a person's personality and the deep long desires of the human with the challenging uncertainties of life. Here she has made an attempt to illustrate every emotion of an ordinary woman through her character "Samedha".  But the writer does not intend to stop her journey with this book instead she considers this novel to be her first milestone and signs off here by with a promise to come back soon with another new story for her readers.
On the last day of Delhi- Book Fair 2013 author Bilina Pattanaik meets readers, fans and media at Pragati Maidan. Later in the evening Odisha Journalist Association in New Delhi felicitated the Novelist Bilina. During this felicitation ceremony president of Odisha Journalist Association in New Delhi Kishore Diwedi, Director of IIMC Dhenkanal Mrinal Chatterji, Prof KN Srivastav, Supreme Court Advocate Sanjib Kumar Mohanty, Literateur Krushna Nayak & OSSA President Manoj Nayak were present. 
It may be noted that Bilina Pattanaik is now based in Bangalore. Bilina is a management professional who works with an IT company in Bangalore. She was born and brought up in a small town of Odisha named Khatiguda in Nabrangpur district. After spending more than two decades there she moved to Bangalore. She spends most of her non working hours in developing her thoughts for her passion - Writing. Apart from writing, the lady has keen interest in collecting stamps and coins.
She loves to smile and believes that a smile is like a beauty spot on the cheek of life. She is a strong believer of destiny and her persona is full of optimism. She strongly believes that in life one does not need a reason to make others smile but there is absolutely no excuse for hurting someone.
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