AAP-Odisha unit Protest against the Ordinance that has reversed the order of apex court
Wednesday, September 25, 2013
AAP-Odisha unit Protest against the Ordinance that has reversed the order of apex court
Report by Priyabrata Nayak, Bhubaneswar: Aam Aadmi Party (AAP)-Odisha today condemns the ordinance that has reversed the order of apex court which had debarred tainted politicians from contesting polls. In this regard party hold a protest and demonstation governor house and present a memorandum agaist the ordinance. The passing of this ordinance is not only a severe blow to Democracy, but also exposes the intentions of the political class which has stooped to a new low to protect the corrupt.
Speaking on the occasion Mr Nishikant Mohapatra, Convenor, AAP-Odisha said, “In the light of the above we the members of the Aam Aadmi Party Bhubaneswar and the common citizens of the state would like to present this memorandum to the President of India through the Honourable Governor of Odisha to honour the Supreme Court’s decision and respect the aam aadmi’s demand for a strong legislation against the corrupt and the criminals.  “
The Aam Aadmi of this country has been fighting on the streets since the last two years for a strong Jan Lokpal under the leadership of Anna Hazare. For last 42 years, the country has been demanding a strong legislation against the corrupt. However, far from passing the law, these political parties cheated the nation by making false promises – conveniently putting the Jan Lokpal bill in cold storage.
The people of this country were somewhat relieved when the Supreme Court had earlier ordered that no tainted politicians would contest elections. According to data available with Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR), there are 161 (30%) MPs in Lok Sabha today who have a tainted track record, of which 78 MPs have serious charges against them. In Delhi Assembly, there are around 32 (46%) MLAs with criminal cases, of which 8 MLAs have serious cases against them. In fact, Congress and BJP fielded 19 candidates each in the last assembly elections with criminal charges against them. The ordinance that has been passed today by the Cabinet has only betrayed the people again.
On the other hand, the opposition parties have also kept quiet, only proving that all parties are together in this decision. AAP wants to ask if most of those who pass laws and ordinances in the country are themselves corrupt and have criminal record; can we expect strong laws against rapists, criminals and the corrupt?
All this indicates just one thing – the common man of this country currently has absolutely no say in the law making process today. All this would only change if and only if representative democracy gives way to participatory democracy – where common people whose life these legislations impact have a direct say in the law making process.
On its part, Aam Aadmi Party is the only party which is strict on its resolution that it would not field any candidate who has a criminal past record. Arvind Kejriwal National Convenor of AAP has declared that in the ensuing Delhi Assembly elections AAP would not hesitate from withdrawing any candidate even at the last moment if criminal or corruption charges are proved against any of its candidates. The other political parties should also promise to the people of the country that it would not field any tainted candidates – if it does so, it will be akin to treason.
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