Observation Of World Environment Day : Eco Saver's Youth Network
Thursday, June 05, 2014
Observation Of World Environment Day :  Eco Saver's Youth Network
Bhubaneswar: People worship mother earth, forest, environment from very ancient time. We give respect to forest and environment to keep our surrounding and environment clean and to live a better life. Our earth occupies a special place in the solar system and it is the only planet where life exists. 

Earth’s environment is experiencing rapid climate change now-a-days and resulting  environmental imbalance ,various disasters on this earth.  Today, there is a great need to protect our environment from degradation and imbalance. By conserving our environment we can think up sustainable development.  

Worldwide 5th June is observed as “World Environment Day”.  Environment balance is very much essential for the existence of life on this earth. To protect our environment from degradation massive plantation, conservation activities need to be undertaken. Trees are the main source of oxygen for the human being. It can be better termed as our protective coat. This is not only addresses our food needs but also provides oxygen for breathing. But we are destroying our environment in a larger extent which resulting ozone layer depletion, global warming, green house effect and also drying of rivers and lakes. This was opined by speakers in a function here today organized on the occasion of world Environment day.

Eco saver’s Youth network, Bhubaneswar in collaboration with People’s cultural centre [PECUC], Rotary Club of Heritage, Bhubaneswar and SOS village, Bhubaneswar observed world environment day at SOS village and planted  50 fruit bearing trees in the campus.   More than 60 youths and children from SOS village Participated in the drawing competition  on the theme “SAVE ENVIRONMENT”. Ms Sushree Shailani Suman ,Leader ECO Saver’s Youth Network facilitated the whole programme and informed about more plantation in Bhubaneswar and SOS campus in coming rainy season . Sj. Vinod Kumar, IFS, Director, Odisha Forest Development Corporation  & president Rotary Club of Heritage Bhubaneswar  said the importance of the day and also called for individual initiative to protect our environment.   Sj. Ajay Dash, Director, SOS Children Village encouraged for more initiative by Youth network. At last Kumari Adyasa Patra ,Youth Network Member ,SOS gave  vote of Thanks.
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