Girl gets gang raped near Rajbhawan square
Thursday, December 13, 2007
Girl gets gang raped near Rajbhawan square

Bhubaneswar:  Raj Bhawan Square of Bhubaneswar is a highly protected area. All the administrative system of Orissa starts from here. So everybody might be thinking it that it is the safest area of Orissa. But it is a matter of great shame that the night of 12th December has proved it that this area is also not safe for a young girl to stay alone at home.

According to sources the girl who has been gang raped is originally from Phulbani. Few days back she came to Bhubaneswar to her sister’s house, which is near Rajbhawan square of Bhubaneswar. Her brother in law Sanjay is residing there by constructing an asbestos house on Government land. Yesterday her sister and brother in law both went to Chandrasekharpur to one of there relative’s house.
Till late at night they were unable to return. In the mean while nearer to 11 P.M. there was a knocking sound on the door, thinking her sister and brother in law’s return she opened the door. But to her bad luck there were four hooligans who forcefully dragged her from home and finally they raped her near the bushy areas of Rajbhawan square. After her Brother in law and sister came they came to know all the things from Mita. They informed the police. Now according to Mita among the four rapists there was a person named Tukuna Bhai. It has also been came to be known that Tukuna Bhai is a police staff. Now the total incident has drawn a question mark on the safety systems of Bhubaneswar.

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