Naveen may expand Orissa Cabinet on 14th Dec
Thursday, December 13, 2007
Naveen may expand Orissa Cabinet on 14th Dec

Bhubaneswar: As chief Minister Naveen Patnaik Has already Declared about the upcoming minisetrial expansions so the competition among the MLAs of the ruling alliance is going on an increase.

Now the MLA's of the ruling alliance and the ministers who were previously in the office but has left their positions due to certain reasons have started lobbying for their chances. In view of Political analysts as the election days are coming closer so this may be the last Minisetrial expansion. Or if in future the expansion occurs those who will become the ministers they may not also get a very long time in their office. Thus all the aspirants have now started lobbying for their chance to get a seat in this expansion. Though from the outside it is seen that there are a very few number of vacancies but unless and untill the expansion takes place nothing can be said. There are also chances that Chief Minister may remove any department from any of the present ministers, who are in charge of more than one department. So the present ministers have also gone alert.

But sources say it that as the election days are coming closer the chief Minister may not become interested to displease any of his colleagues. From BID it is nearly fixed that Pradeep Nayak may be included in the Minisetrial team but for BJD the clouds are not yet cleared. It may be the last moment surprise gift for any of his party MLAs from chief Minister Naveen Pattanaik. The chief Minister is also not interested to make more delays in the matters of ministerial expansion. Sources tell it that the chief Minister has now gone crazy to finish it within 14th of this month.

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