Special Operation Group nabbed two Maoists in Malkangiri
Thursday, January 10, 2008
Special Operation Group nabbed two Maoists in Malkangiri

Malkangiri: The Special Operation Group on Thursday nabbed Maoists of Mangipali village of the district during a combing operation. Superintendent of Police Satish Kumar Gajbhiye said Madkami Singha (30) and Madhi Soma (37) were nabbed by the SOG personnel during the combing operation that has been going on since Wednesday evening.

However, when the police raided a cave in the jungles near Singhraj Konda where the ultras used to stockpile explosives, they had removed the stocks elsewhere. The police recovered some switches, wires and other material used to trigger explosions and some Maoist literature.

During interrogations Soma confessed that he was present during an explosion in which a bus helper Gurumurthy Khara was killed while taking off a Maoist banner about five months back. The police had earlier believed that a helper was killed by a pressure bomb. But Soma confessed in a Press conference that the leader of Motu Dalam Ashok had pressed the switch of the bomb which was planted on the roadside. He said Ashok's wife Radha and another girl Ganji were present during the incident.

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