South India super criminal Bagla back to Odisha
Monday, November 07, 2016
South India super criminal Bagla back to Odisha
Report by Dilip Sabat, Bhubaneswar: After a long journey of south India industries as a negative known character Bagla Bhai now back to Odisha. He has don many movies with megastars of South India and he inspired the action of acting activities from Kamla Hasan, Nagarjun, Rajni Kant and many idols of Tamil movies. 

 He has also done some documentary very delicately.  Now Bagla back to odisha film industry. Odia film viewers will see him in screen on 11th November release “Hey Prabhu Dekha De” movie. Bagla demands the he will be fulfill the crisis of strong negative natural & real acting in Odisha after late Hara Pattnaik, Dukhiram Swain and many more. And he believes that the new young generation viewers will definitely accept him.  

Studio Gopix(Hyderabad) presents & Odyssey Chalachitra's Film “Hey Prabhu Dekha De” based on Golden Ganesha. A Small golden idol of Lord Ganesh is stolen from the secret chambers of Sri Padmanabhaswamy temple in Thiruvananthapuram (Kerala). The market price of the idol is huge because of the antique value of the idol. Krish (Harihar Dash) is a sophisticated pickpocketer in Bhubaneswar and he, a lady (Anu Coudhury) and a guy (Pragnya Ranjan Khatua) in his gang.
Mona (Amandeep) is a Journalist who just buys her favorite yellow vespa scooter. Bagla bhai is a baddie and he wants to get hold of the idol by hook or crook.G.M. Sankara (Mihir Das) who sells the idol to Nigerians. The rest of the story is all about how the stolen Ganesh Idol intertwines the lives of these three people and others..
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