Newer Online Platforms to provide New Opportunities to Showcase Short Films
Monday, November 28, 2016
Newer Online Platforms to provide New Opportunities to Showcase Short Films
Goa: Interacting with media at International Film Festival of India, Goa today, Ms. Judy Gladstone said that it is her second time in India and she has seen incredible masterpieces screened at the 47th edition of IFFI. She appreciated the concept of master-classes, as a great opportunity to learn. She said that her expertise is in short films and people do short films for different reasons. She expressed that she is thrilled to promote the work of excellent and innovative artists in this country. She also conducted Workshop at 47th IFFI 2016.

Judy Gladstone has been recognized with a WIFT Crystal Award for Outstanding Achievement, Women in Communications Award for Excellence in Leadership / Mentoring, and a Maverick of the Year Award from the Female Eye Festival. Ms. Judy Gladstone is a CEO of a bilingual SVOD dedicated to presenting Canadian film and video, which is founded by the Coalition of Canadian Independent Media Arts Distributors.

Shri Ramesh Tekwani said that Judy has an incredible power to see and recognize talent in the crowd and the ability to find raw diamonds, which can be shaped up to be the gems of the industry. He added that production of short films is all about inspiration, which can come for anywhere. He said that in the age of technology, one can enjoy watching short films on the phone while travelling. 

On the issue of popularity of short films across the globe, Judy said that it is hard to find a platform to screen short films to the population at large. Shri. Tekwani said that there are online platforms where one can post the ideas and can get brighter prospects, to this Ms Judy Gladstone added that these are online platforms are available at a minimal cost.

Shri Ramesh Tekwani has been a part of International Film Festival of India (and Filmotsav, its travelling variant) since 1975.  As a writer and short film maker, Ramesh has written, directed and produced around 500 shorts of various hues, non-fiction TV Serials and several audio visual profiles for individuals and companies.
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