20 million views on YouTube for Amara Muzik
Wednesday, March 08, 2017
20 million views on YouTube for Amara Muzik
Bhubaneswar: The journey was embarked with “Lekhichi Na Tora” as Amara Muzik took its first step into Odisha film industry with a vision to bring-in best quality content to its new generation tech savvy audience. 
Vision turned as a challenge and is well accomplished to a certain extent by a scorching high number as 20 million views on it's YouTube channel today. Highest to be achieved by any audio label from Odia industry. 
VP Rajkumar Singh says, "Odisha has been a wonderfully responsive market for us. We have been successful in implementing our digital strategies for all the contents that we have acquired until date. We shall continue delivering on digital innovations in this region."
Amara Muzik stands head strong with 60 + films and high quality videos acquired in a span of around two years time. The company have set its standards high, which is achieved through continuous innovative instruments in marketing the creative content created by some of the best directors in this region.The aim is to ensure these contents reach all  digital platforms. 
"Internally, we brainstorm with high integrity to get our audience the most innovative and high-grade of content to make available across all digital platforms that today's tech savvy consumers are available on. We as a stand-alone music label are very conscious on the way we promote our content to get-in the best promotional value. The team works very hard on exploring newer means to ensure these creative contents reach the length and breadth of the world in its most engaging format for our consumers”, said Anchal Maheshwari, Digital Marketing, Amara Muzik. 
Amara Muzik has acted as a catalyst to film promotions. With a subscriber base of more than 35,000 on YouTube and more than half a lakh base on it's Facebook page, the company fetchs great attraction to movie lovers. Its Facebook page has become a one- stop solution for the moviegoers looking for Odia film releases. 
With many record smashed with its superb  promotional knowledge and technics, the label has songs from block buster hits like BABY, GUNDA, AGASTYA and many more. 
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