No foreign missionary active in coastal Orissa: report
Monday, October 27, 2008
No foreign missionary active in coastal Orissa: report

Kendrapara: No foreign missionary is active in coastal pockets of Orissa's Kendrapara district nor has there been any instance of conversion during past seven years, an official report submitted to the state Home Department said here today.

An inquiry into the charges levelled by the Sangh Parivar from time to time that hundreds of Hindus lured by inducement by foreign missionaries embraced Christianity in Rajnagar and Mahakalpada tehsils found the conversion charges as unsubstantiated, official sources said.

Earlier, the local unit of RSS had alleged that more than 100 Hindus, mostly migrant Bengali-speaking natives from seaside villages of both the tehsil, embraced Christianity and missionaries adopted coercive and inductive tactics.

The district unit of RSS had alleged that these coastal areas have turned into the hub of missionaries' activities and added that the local administration despite being apprised of it has turned blind eye to the unsavoury episode.

The inquiry conducted by Revenue and Tehsil officials maintained that no resident from Tikayatnagar, Baghamari, Amaravati, Pravati, Garta, Radhamalipur, Banipala, Keruanpalli and Kanakanagar embraced Christianity since 1998.

Thus violation of Orissa Freedom of Religion Act (OFRA) provisions does not arise, the report said adding that two families had embraced Christianity on their own accord without force and inducement beforehand in conformity with OFRA.

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