Respect nature; Retain balance: Governor Punjab
Thursday, June 10, 2010
Respect nature; Retain balance: Governor Punjab

Chandigarh: Complimenting CII on its green initiatives, Mr Shivraj Patil, Governor, Punjab and Administrator, Union Territory, Chandigarh said “The Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) is taking up comprehensive causes and trying to create awareness about the importance of protecting the environment, and taking steps to create and use technologies, that can help in avoiding environmental degradation. It should be congratulated and applauded for what it is doing.” He was speaking, at the International Conference & Exposition on Climate Change organized by Confederation of Indian Industry, here today.

“Dedicated policy for getting investment in renewable energy sector, coupled with an investor friendly frame work for energy sectors is the need of hour”, said Mr Patil .

Inaugurating CII ‘s second phase of ‘ Nanhi Chaan ‘ , Mr Shivraj Patil said , “initiatives like CII’s Nanhi Chaan, under which 105 companies adopted CII’s Nanhi Chhaan Policy, out of which many of them have been taking significant measures to promote gender and ecological equity , should be promoted”.

Advocating a need for integrated approach Mr Suresh Prabhu, Chairman, Centre for Energy, Environment & Water and Former Union Minister for Power, Government of India said that “We are working with CII to develop an integrated policy for water, energy and environment piloting the project in 10 states of which 4 are from Northern region. The identified states will be announced soon!”

The Conference aimed to translate the dialogues at international levels, giving a more relevant localized and regional perspective to address climate change.

Discussing India’s perspective in context to the international scene, CII Conference brought out that India’s main problem with respect to climate change is Adaptation and I Indian industry will have to play a greater role. North India must lead the way and work for an integrated policy for water, power and environment conservation.

Extrapolating the business perspective as a game change, Mr Zubin Irani, Chairman, CII, Delhi and Senior Managing Director, United Technologies Group (Carrier, OTIS, UTC Fire & Security) said that today energy efficiency has become a necessarily to stay in business than a mere CSR for the industry. It simply pays in the long run both to the consumers, the company and the management as a comprehensive process.

Sharing the international view, Mr Philip Douglas, First Secretary, Climate Finance & Technologies British High Commission, Department for International Development, India, offered that UK and India collaboration stands as a huge opportunity in this regard to share best practices and work towards business environment which are circumcenterd around sustainability.

CII is also working the Himachal Pradesh Government towards streaming carbon neutrality for Himachal. Reiterating this, Mrs Sarojini G Thakur, Additional Chief Secretary, Department of Environment & Scientific Technology, Himachal Pradesh said that a top to down bottom above approach is what the state is following and we have partnered with CII for greening the industry in three major industrial belts to incentivise green technology and promote carbon credits.

The International exposition alongside the Conference demonstrated expertise in technology scenarios both present and future. Some very unique and the state-of- the- art 360º carbon solutions dedicated to maximize the returns on carbon assets included new age solar installations, technically advanced 1 Megawatt (WWD-1) wind turbine generators and biomass gasifier, cost effective insulated, hollow concrete and solid concrete blocks which can keep the room temperature low by 20ºC compared to the temperature outside. Partcipating companies were Winwind Power Energy Private Limited, Solar Rise Energy Pvt Ltd, Inter Solar Systems (P) Ltd, Moser Baer Photovoltaic Limited, Punjab energy development agency, Haryana Renewable Energy Development Agency and Chanderpur Works

During the day, the sessions and discussions focued on industry and sustainable development and translated the dialogues at international levels, giving a more localized and regional perspective to address climate change. A series of best practices adopted by the industry giants like Moser Baer Photovoltaic Ltd, Malavalli Power Plants (P) Ltd and Ecologic Building Systems Pvt and alike highlighted to develop the broad range of actions needed to respond to the climate change challenge.

Underlining the urgency needed to work towards combating Climate change, Dr GC Datta Roy, Conference Chairman, and CEO, Dalkia Energy Services Ltd, said “Climate Change presents the most daunting challenge to the world today and there is a need for collective responsibility by the industry, government, and society to curb its catastrophic effects”.

“Climate change is more about the mundane aspects of day to day human life and it is where the focus should be. Development and sustainability should be balanced. We need to touch lives at the local and regional level to address the issue of climate change” said Mr Bishal Thapa, Vice President, ICF International.

Indian innovations in the unorgnaised sector are often termed as ‘Jugaad’. We need to actually give them importance, said Dr Neelima Jerath, Executive Director, Punjab State Council for Science & Technology sharing that the Indian brick industry can contribute immensely in mitigating climate change through technology innovations like energy efficient brick kilns producing perforated bricks.

Harping on the need to spread public awareness on the issue of climate change, Mr Harpal Singh, immediate past Chairman, CII , Nothern Region , stated that speical efforts are needed for promotion and development of new and emerging technology areas such as co-generation, solar thermal technologies, biomass-based gasifier systems.”

CII Northern Region has been working actively in balancing imperatives of industrial development with sustaining environment and deliberating on developing an integrated approach towards a sustainable and green industry.

“While the Indian economy is on an upswing, there is certainly room for Indian Industry to act in a responsible manner and demonstrate their commitments to the future. We at CII emphasis on “triple P” bottom-line approach, namely measuring the performance of a company through its profits, people and its care for the planet” said, Mr RM Khanna, Chairman, CII Northern Region.

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