Business leaders define what is “next” intellectual property
Friday, July 16, 2010
Business leaders define what is “next” intellectual property

New Delhi: CII APTDC launched today IPCAP 2010- A Capacity Building Certificate Program in Intellectual Property Rights, for the Indian industry and academic institutions. This is the first of its kind course on various facets of Intellectual Property. The course is web enabled and comprises of a combination of distance learning and web classroom interactive training lasting a total of 5 weeks. Each interactive training session would be of one and a half hour duration. The course will cover all facets of IP in general, knowledge of which is essential in today’s technology and innovation based industrial environment

This is was part of CII-APTDC’Capacity Building Program on “Building Next Practices of IP AZManagement” being organized on 15-16 July 2010 at Hyderabad.

Mr. Shakti Sagar, Chairman CII, delivered the Welcome address.  He talked about the CII initiatives on IPR training and awareness through the National committee of IP Owners. CII –APTDC has spearheaded the IP training and awareness generation in the country. In view of the strategic significance of IP management in globalization Government of India and AP has realized the need to stress on IP in its economy. He observed that there is a need to educate persons in developing countries regarding the importance of IP. He stressed on the need for a synergetic approach between the government and private players. He concluded stating the capacity building, awareness generation, effective IPR enforcement, training, dissemination and outreach programmes would form the backbone of industrial growth.

Dr. S Chakravarthy delivered the theme address. He stressed on the fact that Next practices of IP management are for the future where as the best practices is what we are all doing in the present. It is therefore important to take the next step and adopt the next practices of IP management to be competitive in the global world.

Justice L Narasimha Reddy thanked CII-APTDC for organizing such a unique conference on IP Management which has contemporary importance. Intellectual property gained importance in the recent past and has become a forerunner in this Global competitive world. He referred to three important aspects one has to bear in mind while looking at IP regulation. The first aspect is with regard to the quality of IP. The protection must be conferred on real efforts and unique achievements and not mere incremental changes. The second is the social and cultural aspect.  Some applications are for society at large. He referred to the role of the society in contributing to one’s mind frame and thus to the innovation. Thus he emphasized on the need to be realistic, liberal and reciprocate. He spoke about the ethical aspects. He referred to the various problems that have arisen after evolution of technology.

He observed the rapid increase in the number of cyber crimes and reiterated the need to inculcate social and ethical values alongside the promotion and protection of Intellectual Property. He remarked on the correlation between the money flow and the numbers of intellectual property registrations wherein the recession led to a decrease in such registrations. He concluded stating that innovation must not be dependant on money flow and it must be helpful for the society.

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