CII Initiative for Leh Relief Goods worth 40 Lakhs mobilised
Monday, August 16, 2010
CII Initiative for Leh Relief Goods worth 40 Lakhs mobilised
New Delhi: The Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) is deeply concerned about the unfortunate situation in Leh after the cloudburst calamity on 6th August 2010. In this crisis period, CII has put its shoulder behind the Administration in J&K by engaging in immediate relief work & is committed to work for rehabilitation in Phase-2 of its Leh Relief Operations as well.
CII has already stationed a high level team in Leh which is working on ground for immediate relief material and drawing up a Rehabilitation Plan.  “Based on the initial assessment and feedback from our ground team in Leh, CII has already procured material worth Rs 40 lakhs and the first consignment will be ready for dispatch by Monday, 16th August”, said Mr Chandrajit Banerjee, Director General, CII.
Our second team will be in Leh by Sunday and will communicate the plans for rehabilitation in Leh, he added.
“We are very pained at the tremendous loss of life and property and livelihood at Leh and we commit our suppot to the people of Leh and the Chief Minister of J&K”, said Mr Hari Bhartia, President, CII.
Mr R M Khanna, Chairman, Northern Region is spearheading the membership efforts for CII’s Leh Relief Operations.  “We have constituted a small taskforce which will monitor and oversee the Leh Relief Operations.    A team of 15 senior CII Staff are working round the clock for Leh Relief Operations.  I have personally sent out an appeal to all Members of CII and we hope for a good response by the next week.  Already members have responded by contributing goods and cash”, said Mr Khanna.
CII has previous experience in dealing with natural calamities such as the earthquake in Kashmir in September 2005 which was coordinated by NR, the floods in Bihar in 2008, the earthquake in Bhuj and Tsunami in South.  The CII Disaster Management Team monitored by its top officials is in full swing and working in close coordination with State Government, the local administration and the army for both immediate relief work (identification of needs, procurement of material and transportation and on-sight distribution) and rehabilitation.
In the second phase, CII would concentrate on the rehabilitation of the affected ones, setting up proliferated houses and structures, water storage facilities, sanitation structures etc.
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