North Delhi Power marks Independence Day with a cycle rally for conserving environment
Monday, August 16, 2010
North Delhi Power marks Independence Day with a cycle rally for conserving environment

New Delhi:  North Delhi Power (NDPL), in association with Tata BP Solar and Tata Capital, today organised a cycle rally in its distribution network of North and North West Delhi to create awareness about adoption of low-carbon lifestyle in order to curb mounting carbon emissions and the advent of global warming. The rally was flagged off by Jai Bhagwan Aggarwal, MLA, Rohini, Delhi. Around 300 enthusiastic people participated in the cycle rally and covered a distance of approximately 10km. The rally also saw the use of an electric car and electric scooters as pilot vehicles.
“The cycle rally was organised in order to create awareness amongst the general populace about the benefits of adopting a low-carbon lifestyle for reducing carbon emissions and the pressing need to conserve our environment. It was organised on the occasion of our Independence Day to spread the message that we must be united in our efforts to free the earth from the looming threat of pollution and global warming,” said an NDPL spokesperson.

Energy and environment conservation are two key issues which need urgent attention across the world, at all levels, from various quarters. NDPL has been aggressively creating energy conservation awareness though its Energy Club programmes comprising students from over 50 member-schools. As part of a larger move of escalating its ongoing energy conservation programme, NDPL is also sensitive to the aspect of climate change and is committed to introducing energy efficient and greener technologies. NDPL recently joined hands with Tata BP Solar to provide an opportunity to its consumers to set up rooftop grid-connected solar plants for meeting the energy requirements. NDPL is also setting up solar power plants in its network ranging from 25KW to 1MW. NDPL also actively promotes the use of electric cars and electric scooters for its field staff for maintenance and operations activities.

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