Tata Power launches 'My Mumbai, Green Mumbai!' programme
Friday, April 15, 2011
Tata Power launches 'My Mumbai, Green Mumbai!' programme

Mumbai: Tata Power, India’s largest integrated private power utility, in continuance with its efforts to drive energy efficiency, has introduced a unique consumer initiative called 'My Mumbai, Green Mumbai!' this summer under its demand-side management (DSM) initiatives. This initiative promises to make Mumbai customers energy efficient by giving them an opportunity to exchange their inefficient electrical appliances for energy efficient appliances.
The company has partnered with leading consumer appliance manufacturers for energy-efficient equipment such as Havell’s India for ceiling fans, OSRAM, a Siemens company for T5 tube lights and Carrier India for air conditioners (ACs). These energy-efficient appliances are expected to help residential and industrial consumers save energy and cost by 30 – 50 per cent without compromising on their comfort and convenience. These programmes are approved by Maharashtra Electricity Regulatory Commission (MERC) and are only available for Tata Power customers.
Speaking on the occasion, S Padmanabhan, executive director, operations, Tata Power, said, “The “My Mumbai, Green Mumbai!” initiative is a unique energy efficiency drive from Tata Power and has been introduced post an extensive load research on existing energy consumption patterns taking into consideration relevant consumer insights. We are confident that our efforts will not only benefit our customers in terms of significant reduction in their monthly bills but will also enable them to make Mumbai a greener city.”
Tata Power has been committed to driving energy efficiency in Mumbai through its various initiatives and campaigns. A unique '5 point' programme for DSM has been launched with the below schemes for Mumbai consumers:

Energy audits of industrial and commercial premises: Tata Power, in an effort to enhance and encourage energy saving in industrial and commercial premises, is offering huge subsidy to commercial and industrial consumers to undertake energy audits and put forth recommendations for energy saving. The audit conducted by professional and specialist energy auditors accredited by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) will enable consumers to undertake a studied approach towards energy saving by mapping their unique power consumption pattern and identify several opportunities to save energy.

Ceiling fan exchange programme: Tata Power has joined hands with Havell’s India for BEE energy-efficient '5 star' ceiling fans, which enables its residential consumers to avail of a 50-per-cent discount in exchange for their old ceiling fans. These '5 star' ceiling fans are available only at Rs900 and consume only 50 watts of energy, which is 30 per cent less than the conventional fan. The scheme launched in October 2010 has witnessed more than 1,500 availing of the offer and switching over to '5 star' ceiling fans.

T5 tube light exchange programme: In partnership with OSRAM India, a Siemens group company, Tata Power is offering T5 tube lights at more than 50 per cent discounts along with installation at Rs300 only. The German technology-based T5 tube lights are designed to offer 25 per cent more output at 35 per cent less energy consumption and consume only 31watts in comparison to 52 watts consumed by conventional tube light fixtures.

'5 star' split AC exchange programme: Tata Power in partnership with Carrier India, is offering bulk discount of 25 per cent on energy-efficient '5 star' split air conditioners in replacement of old window air conditioner. The scheme presently available only for the LT industrial consumers will be specifically beneficial for the industrial galas, which use inefficient old window air conditioners — which consume large power. Tata Power along with Carrier India will also ensure the old equipment is scrapped in an environment-friendly manner.

Thermal storage: Tata Power is launching a programme called ‘thermal storage’ wherein the central air conditioners installed at commercial complexes will work at night, thereby shifting the system load at non-peak hours, when the tariffs are lower. The energy will be stored in ice and utilised in the daytime without running the air conditioners. The programme has been launched with the primary objective of reducing the peak load in Mumbai city which witnesses an increased usage of central air conditioners in commercial complexes.

The impact of ‘thermal storage’ will be as efficient as switching on the air conditioner during day time. Tata Power consumers installing the thermal storage system will benefit because there is rebate for using power in off-peak night hours and also the maximum demand gets reduced by shifting the load.

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