Odisha: Traditional attire Sambalpuri Pata, Brahampuri Pata gets a backstage
Tuesday, May 17, 2011
Odisha: Traditional attire Sambalpuri Pata, Brahampuri Pata gets a backstage

Report by Priya Priyadarshini; Bhubaneswar: Culture and customs are the backbone of any Indian. While we have got rich values in each sphere and have equal opportunities to provide betterment to those sources through our efforts. Moving back to home state one can witness the greatness and simplicity in our own attire. Sarees and dhotis being the best possession of our traditional manners. With the passage of time though people have turned their back to the ancient and prized possessions of yesteryears, still it has its own way.

Orissa is always considered to be hub of intelligent minds and the sole carrier of traditional values. It is fortunate to have got the main centres of producing the elegant sarees from the most experienced handwork.

While there is ‘Sambalpuri Pata’ that is made up of cocoon one can feel the silk essence of ‘Brahampuri Pata’ as well. The smoothness and softness imbibed in the silk threads of the sarees made up of mulberry is no less than a treaty for many eyes. While great care is taken in maintaining the silk wires similar efforts are also undertaken in its presentation style as well. Mostly sarees and dhotis of Sambalpuri are bought and sold with high esteem. It is one of the well known facts popular among the inhabitants of Orissa.

Even the traditional form is not just connected with the home soil only. In fact with it has reached to the farthest place from the typological point of view. The particular saree is very famous among the elite group residing all through the globe as it delivers simplicity, humbleness and adores great personality.

Again the traditional attire is more concerned with our daily customs and activities. We have a blend of festivals and ceremonies in our Oriya culture where the blessed couple do need to perform the rituals accordingly. Coming back to the rural level or more precisely grassroots level one can view the natural look of saree clad women who do depict the true virtues of generosity.

While there is no limit to the weaving techniques and so to the wearing style, yet this traditional outfit has seen some undesired moments. They are side tracked most of the times under the influence of western cult and so the people lack zeal to turn them back to the limelight.

Even these days the marriage ceremonies in any Oriya family reviving at its own pace with perfect touch of the mixed flavour from other traditions. They lack the glowing effect of our own clad and hence pull the perception of our attire in darkness.

With the scroll of time mothers get dressed in jeans and tees while fathers take the leather garments forward to be satisfied content of their children leaving behind the accustomed manner of being adored in dhotis and sarees.

Well though nothing goes wrong yet traditional possession dies and so does the elements growing it.

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