Vedanta Aluminium partners with State Govt. to combat Dengue in Western Orissa
Monday, September 12, 2011
Vedanta Aluminium partners with State Govt. to combat Dengue in Western Orissa

Report by correspondent; Bhubaneswar: With the ravages caused by floods across the state, the widespread incidence of Dengue has taken a huge toll, necessitating immediate and stringent measures for prevention and cure of this dreaded disease.

Several cases have been detected in Kesinga block of Kalahandi–one of the most backward districts of the state. Rising up to the challenge, Vedanta Aluminium Limited (VAL), in collaboration with the Government Health Department, has taken up several health initiatives to arrest the spread of Dengue in the area.

VAL along with the Government Health Department of Kalahandi has initiated a 10-Day Dengue Control Drive with massive awareness programme among the people in the district- particularly at Kesinga, Bhawanipatna, Lanjigarh and their periphery.

The Dengue Control Drive programme also includes many preventive measures like larva control, cleaning of drains, sprinkling of bleaching powder, kerosene oil and phenyl to reduce the incidence of Dengue. In addition Fogging machines are being engaged in different areas- Medical Camps are being organized through Mobile Health Unit and first aid treatment is being provided to patients as part of the programme. VAL is engaged in creating awareness among the people in Lanjigarh area through hoardings/banners, public announcements and leaflet distribution.

Recently, a widespread awareness programme was also undertaken by Vedanta Aluminium in the district of Jharsuguda, which has reported maximum cases of Dengue in the state. Hundreds of community volunteers including women, rural youths, teachers and over 2000 students of various schools together with the District administration volunteered to join in this drive to combat the menace of Dengue, under the leadership of Vedanta.

Speaking on Vedanta's initiative, Dr. Mukesh Kumar, President, VAL said, "Dengue has taken many lives in Orissa and is a major concern in the state. It is our prime responsibility to fight Dengue and create a healthy society around the region."

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