Aircel introduces lowest STD rates in Orissa
Wednesday, September 14, 2011
Aircel introduces lowest STD rates in Orissa

Report by correspondent; Bhubaneswar: When major leading telecom service providers are struggling to keep pace with plummeting tariff rates across the country due to rising operating cost and declining average revenue per user (ARPU), Aircel, one of the fastest growing telecom operators has brought relief for its pre-paid subscribers in Orissa by introducing first of its kind STD call tariff plans.

Now, Aircel subscribers can make STD calls to any other mobile at 30 p/min.  Aircel has introduced various STD rate cutters starting with RC 19 using which the subscriber can make STD calls to Eastern Corridor States at just 30p/min. What's more with RC 32 Aircel Subscribers can call any Aircel number across India at just 30p/min. 

The rate cutters introduced by Aircel aim to provide value-for-money, while enhancing end-user convenience. With these attractive tariff plans, Aircel in Orissa could very well re-define STD calling in East India.




                                 STD Products

Product MRP

                                 Product USP


     STD Aircel  to any mobile in Eastern Corridor @ 30p/min for 30 days.


 All India STD A2A @30p/Min for 30 days


STD: 4800 secs FREE for 30 days


   25 STD/ local Minutes valid for 3 days


   30 Local/ STD mins valid for 3 days

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