Orissa: Dhamra Port provides cooked food to the flood-affected
Monday, October 03, 2011
Orissa: Dhamra Port provides cooked food to the flood-affected

Report by OrissaDiary.com correspondent; Bhadrak: Dhamra Port authorities provided dry food and cooked food through free kitchens to the flood-affected people in Chandbali, Tihidi, Bhandaripokhari and Dhamnagar blocks of Bhadrak district over last 4 days.

The free kitchen facilities were arranged at 20 different places in Bhadrak district. Cooked food through free-kitchen facilities were arranged at the flood-affected areas of Aradi, Nandpur, Sundarpur, Gurudaspur, Gadi, Charotaraf, Kanpur-Bhanpur, Chhatrapada, Narendrapur, Daulatpur, Samantarapur, Malda, Solampur, Rameswarpur, Birigadia, Baghamara and Dalanga etc.

In each of the 20 free kitchen facilities arranged by DPCL, around 1500 flood-affected were served cooked food. The facilities continued from September 28th to October 2nd. 

Within a day of flood outbreak in Bhadrak district, Dhamra Port initiated rescue operation and started relief distribution to the people. According to the district administration of Bhadrak, Dhamra Port authority facilitated rescue of hundreds of flood affected people and helped in distribution of relief materials to the people marooned by the flood for five days, with the help of two boats under the guidance of Tehsildar of Tihidi.

Besides, DPCL relief team provided dry food and relief materials to around 25000 people over last seven days. The dry food and relief materials included flattened rice, sugar, sattu, biscuits, candles, match box and packaged drinking water. The Dhamra Port relief team provided relief materials to the remote flood affected areas of Bhadrak district like Barasar, Govindpur, Nandpur, Dhusuri and Biruli.

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