Orissa: ‘Antahswara’ – the Inner voice of ‘Arohana’
Monday, October 25, 2010
Orissa: ‘Antahswara’ – the Inner voice of ‘Arohana’

Report by Snigdha Nanda; Bhubaneswar: Every child is bestowed with some virtues to shape up his own personality.  In a whim to nurture a child as per their description of a successful person, parents, and teachers fail seriously as most of them never try to listen and realize the un-heard inner voice of youth. Having this sensitive issue as its core concept, 'Arohana' staged an appealing drama 'Antahswara' (Inner voice) amid a packed audience at Rabindra Mandap on 24th October.

Dedicated to the new generation stepping on the threshold of adolescent, the play was inaugurated by eleven year old Saraswata Nanda. Writer Chandrasekhar Nanda briefed the audience about the movement and motive of 'Arohana', an organization that believes in staging value based plays with novelty. He described 'Antahswara' as another attempt of the organization to enrich its tradition of quality plays based on traditional values of Orissa.

A child, when born, possesses all potentiality to be a good person. But as he grows, he comes in contact with the world of elders, engaged in a rat race of success and materialistic pleasure. Improper guidance form elders like parents or teachers corrupts the innocence of a child. They try to influence and push the child at the threshold of adolescent to revolt or take a wrong path. Director Antaryami Panda describes 'Antahswara' as an eye opener to those parents and teachers, who impose the burden of their wish on children. "They should understand the thinking of their children and help children to groom their own personality in a constructive manner", he says.

 "'Antahswara' is on psychoanalysis of adolescent stage of children. The theme aims at listening to the thinking and inner voice of teenagers by parents and teachers. By doing so, children can be brought up in a better way to make the incoming society better", says writer Chandrasekhar Nanda who believes in staging traditional values of Odisha in his plays.

The story of 'Antahswara' is plotted in an apartment, where parents and teachers keep on imposing their decisions on children and force them to follow. This ignorance and negligence resulted in adverse impact in the lives of their children; misguiding 'Pratap' and 'Asha' choose the wrong path. Consequences force all the young characters to rebel. This contemporary issue of adolescent youth finally finds solution in the comfort of traditional values.

The play though started slow, the play managed to glue the audiences with variations of moods till climax.  Different stages of conflicts among the ideologies, class, generations and conflict in perception among the characters kept the climax curve steady and interesting. Characterization, placement of scenes, and stage craft has contributed immensely to carry forward the concept. Portray of characters by well known stage and cine actors Binayak Mishra, Namita Bhattacharya, Shesha Sarabya Nanda, Pritiranjan Mishra and Kirti Mohanty get highly appreciated. The young actors; Sunada Parida as 'Asha', Suchandana Mohanty as 'Rupa', Pratiti Rath as 'Suna', Jytirmay Mishra as 'Akash' and Satyabrat Panda as 'Amulya' appreciated by the audience.

Over strict discipline often restricts the growth of children as a person as the inner-voice of children remains neglected and unheard. This ignorance of older generation misguides young generation.  The play aims to draw attention of need of conscious effort in building a better society by taking self-corrective measures and by listening the inner voice of children carefully to bringing up children in a better way. All a child need to groom is attention and guidance, not influence. This issue has been inducted in the story line of 'Antahswara'.

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Sandy Valentine's Day message created by international sand artist Manas Sahoo at Puri beach
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