Odisha: Odia film Thukul to be released on 12TH January
Wednesday, January 11, 2012
Odisha: Odia film Thukul to be released on 12TH January

Report by Ashok Palit; Bhubaneswar: Odia film Thukul (Frozen in Love), an Indo-Oman Production project is scheduled to be released on 12TH January, 2012  in  37  hall  all over Odisha. The film is a musical love story directed by Prasant Nanda and produced by Akshay Kumar Parija. Twenty five per cent of the film has been shot in Oman. Thukul is Indo-Oman Production’s second film but the first one to be shot in the sultanate.

The film was shot at various landscapes in Muscat, Sur, Barka and other locations in the country. The two hour forty-five minute feature film is a showcase of natural beauty. The 32-member film crew said that they thoroughly enjoyed the seven-day shoot in Oman. Out of the total crew, 11 professionals were based in Oman. Prasant said, “This is the first film shot by us in Oman and the experience was amazing. Very few people know about the natural beauty in Oman. Locations like Sharqiyah Sands, Wade Shaba and Qantab beach add to the visual beauty of the film.”

Popular actors Babushaan, Archita and Shritam play the lead roles in the film. Babushaan, who is cast in the role of a singer, said, “This is one of the most challenging role I have ever done in my life. Oman has picturesque locations and I enjoyed shooting here USCAT.

Thukul in Odia means ‘frozen in love’. It is a “quadrangle love story”, as Prasanta Nanda, the director, likes to put it. Nanda, the heart and soul of this movie, is a man to reckon with in the odia film industry versatile genius who has excelled at direction, screenplay writing, as a lyricist, and even as a playback singer. We ask him if being an actor has helped him in his directorial ventures and he is quick to reply, “Even if you are 60 or 70 years of age, when you write and direct a love story for a younger crowd, you have to fit into their shoes and think like them; only then can you connect with the audience. And this love story is a very 2012
 Prasant Nanda   told    to    orissadiary that “I get around 200 ideas each time when I think of writing a script,” he continues, “and out of that one idea clicks well and becomes viable and feasible to be made into a movie. I am one of the lucky people in the industry who has a waiting line of good producers or directors willing to do the project with me.”

Prasant and Akshay's first film under Indo-Oman Production, titled The Living Ghost, was shot in India and was awarded the Indian Government’s coveted National Award - the Silver Lotus for the best film on environmental issues. The film also received seven state awards and enjoyed positive reviews when it premièred internationally last year.

Akshay’s connection with Oman dates back to several years. He has been living in Oman from the last 20 years. He hopes to follow up Thukul with more films shot in Oman.  Producer Akshay Kumar Parija  remarks that  to get any good thing one should have ready for the lucrative budget, we tries our level best to make this film as good as possible around five cores has been spent for this film, I hope that after seeing this film audience most feel the difference.

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Maha Shivaratri in Temple City Bhubaneswar . Photo- Piyush Ranjan Rout
Maha Shivaratri in Temple City Bhubaneswar . Photo- Piyush Ranjan Rout
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