68th Republic Day Celebration at HAL Koraput Division
Thursday, January 26, 2017
68th Republic Day Celebration at HAL Koraput Division
Report by Nishapati Nayak, Sunabeda: HINDUSTAN AERONAUTICS LIMITED (HAL)  Republic Day celebrated on this Thursday near about 8.30 am  and it would be the 68th occasion that the momentous day is observed by people around the stadium . 
The said programme was organised at hal stadium.chief guest of the progamme was headed and flag hosted by  mr. debasis deb ,ED ,HAL, KORAPUT.national anthem  song by girls highschool of hal .this ocassion was withness by executives and hal family members ,hal technology provider friends from russia ,press reporters ,RD-AQA/DGAQA/CO-AFLE and their staff/AO-DAD,HAMS,HAOA,HAEA members , education instituional head,arohi ladies club and all employees with thier spouse etc.

In this event school ,college ,hal security ,Technical traning school ,NCC scout,ASMACS unemployed rural youth took part in parade . later on diffrent community presentation in parade ground was done by aeronautics diploma engineer association , telugu vigyan samiti , bengali association, santal association ,hindustan aeronautics adivasi harizan employees welfare association and fire department of hal .

Food mela and science exibition was inagurated by mr.debasis deb,ED, HAL in presence of full audeince and expressed his happy feeling to mr.firoz khillo student of vsv under aeronautics education society(AES) who got selected in indian republic day parade as drum master .

As many would know, it is one of the secular festivals of the country, which also makes it a proper representative of the country’s secular fabric. It is celebrated in order to commemorate the day when India’s Constitution came into being, remembering sahid javans ,constituion makers ,freedom fiters etc .thanking to central government employees ,banks, post offices ,suppliers and contractors ,police department shopkeepers of hal and associate organisation for thier service and support  ; added Mr. Deb.
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