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After the successful launch of its flagship online portal Orissa Diary in 2004 (www.orissadiary.com). We formed the Odisha Media Info Service (OMIS) Private Ltd in 2011. The Odisha Media Info Service (OMIS) Private Ltd has diversified its online brand to cater to national and international readers. Currently several new portals are in operation they are like India Education Diary (www.indiaeducationdiary.in) ,, E-India Diary (www.eindiadiary.com), www.odishan.com and E-India Education (www.eindiaeducation.com) have received increasing levels of visits.  Other new ventures include Bihar Diary (www.bihardiary.com) .

OD is the first complete portal on the state of Odisha. OD is designed to reflect on the contributions and concerns of the Odiya people, their language, society, polity, education, health, economy, business and industry, tourism, public grievances, citizen services, inspiring success stories and anything and everything that affects them and has impacts on provincial and national public policy. Through news, views, analyses and interactivity, it provides readers with a composite picture of Odisha. OD is a gate-way for anyone interested in the state of Odisha. More specifically it is useful to the policy makers, investors, researchers, media persons, students, politicians and to the aam admi, the common public.

Orissa Diary (OD) has fast entrenched itself in the lives of a young and dynamic readership on Odisha throughout the globe. Nevertheless, Orissa Diary's central focus remains on the lived experiences of Odiyas and their overall social, political, economic and spiritual development.

In last seven years readers like you have given us feedback, suggestions that have enriched OD's endeavour to reach out to the wider world. We expect you to give OD honest feedback on its content and features. We would specially appreciate readers to act as citizen journalists for the OD.  

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