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She is the mother of world. A small ray of her kindness is enough to remove all the sorrows and obstacles. She is the mother who is always there to remove all the worry ness of the people of world, and those who worship her really never face any problem in their life, because the loving mother removes their problems by her smiles. Again at one time she is Maha Laxmi (The Goddess of wealth), Maha Saraswati(The Goddess of Knowledge) and Maha Kali(The Goddess of destruction), that means the goddess of creation, caring, and destruction. The Goddess is worshipped by the people as the Goddess to grant fortune. The goddess is Durga who is worshipped as the mother of all is worshipped twice in a year. That is in the month of autumn and in the month of spring.

The worships which are done in these two occasions are called as Sharadiya Durga Puja and Basantika Durga Puja. The Shakta culture in Orissa is quite rich because Orissa from ages has remained a place of attraction for Worshippers of Shakti. So this time this is an effort of the Orissa Diary to spread the message of devotion on the auspicious occasion of Durga Puja , for which Orissa dairy is publishing this column

DURGE DURGATI NASHINI  from Dwitiya astami to Dashahara. in this column we are trying to spread the message of devotion along iwth informations relating to Dashahara at cuttack and iwth the informations relating to famous shakti Pithasof orissa and many more. so now this si the time for all of us to pray Goddess durga with devotion to remove the problems of our life.

According to Hindu Mythology a demon named Durgamasuraonce went under continuous meditation. By his meditation he also became able to make lord Brahma to grant him blessings. But the demon after getting the blessings of Lord Brahma became highly powerful and started disobeys the Gods of heaven. Again the idiot demon found it that the Gods of heaven are getting their strengths from the offerings in Jajna which are performed according to the norms of Veda. So he clever looted the Vedas. After the Vedas were stolen by him the condition of the living world became miserable. Draughts and lack of rain like situation happened in earth. So the living world started suffering and praying the Gods of heaven to save it. The Lords like Brahma, Bishnu and Shiva  became unable to kill the demon and to get Vedas back from him. Finally all the lords came together and shared their power. From the sharing of all their powers the Goddess took birth. She killed the demon and saved the world. But as she killed the demon Durgamasura and saved the world by releasing the Vedas from the demon she got the name Durga.  Again while offering the name to her all the lords when prayed her the Goddess told it that she would be known as durga after wards. Again the name Durga means the Goddess of destroying all troubles and removing all sorrows.  And those who will worship her by this name all their sorrows and problems will be removed by her.
Causes of sharadiya Durga PUJA (durga puja in autumn)
The Durga Puja which is done in autumn is called as the sharadiaya durga puja. Again three is also a reason behind it. Because according to Hindu mythology when the demon Ravana kidnapped Goddess Sita at that time lord Sri Ram planned to worship Goddess Durga to remove her troubles and to win over the demon Ravana. But that was not spring. So the Sri Ram worshipped the Goddess in autumn. The Goddess got pleased on him, and blessed him, which finally made him to win over the demon.

By-Ambika sankar Mishra

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