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Orissa Diary  »  Rath Yatra  »  King Divya Singha Dev and lord Jagannatha
King Divya Singha Dev and lord Jagannatha
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It was 12.07.1972 and it was the famous Car festival of that year. Prior to this the managerial aspects of Srimandira (Lord jagannatha's temple is called as Srimandira) were under direct control of the Gajapati king who is regarded the first servant of the lord Jagannatha. But prior to this year due to the improper managements of the Gajapati king the Government of Orissa removed the power from them to get involved with the managerial aspects of Srimandira and appointed an A.D.M. (Additional District Magistrate) to look into the matters of Srimandira Management.

Gajapati remained silent with this decision of Government of Orissa. The A.D.M. was a very punctual person but he had a wrong notion that man is arranging this car festival for the lord so to complete it in a proper manner the lord should come to the chariots in proper time. Within 10A.M. of that morning lord Balabhadra and Goddess Maa Suvadra came to their chariots according to the schedule. But when it was the case of lord Jagannatha it became impossible to bring him to the chariot. Because the more the people were trying more they were becoming unsuccessful to do that wanted. Those who tried to use force they got injured. Finally the people there including the ministers and the chief minister got harassed, as they had no way out. But at very moment king Divya Singh Dev was present there as he had to perform the cleaning ceremonies there in the chariots.

He finished his job in the chariots of Lord Balabhadra and Maa Suvadra and came towards the chariot of lord Jagannatha but till then people were not able to lift lord Jagannatha to his chariot so he started weeping the king in his weeping voice told that "oh, lord this festival is yours and we all are just the facilitators please pardon on us please move to the chariot." And surprisingly this few words of the Gajapati king Divya Singh Dev created an astonishing result and the idle, which was unimaginably heavy before, became as light as a flower. And finally the lord went to the chariot probably on his smiles he was giving the message to the people and Government of Orissa that "My servant is every thing for me I will only listen to him not to anybody other else and I am not guided by anybody other, rather all the others of the world are guided by me as I am the all mighty.
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